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Advantech "Good to Great" Principle


アドバンテックの3サークルの原則は、ジムコリンズ著の「Good to Great」基づきます。著書によると、長期にわたる成功を探し求める会社は、3つの基本原則について明瞭に述べ、これらの原則を長期で絶え間く遂行しなければなりません。アドバンテックは3サークルの原則を上記のように明確に定義し、着実に実行します。

Enriching an Intelligent Planet with IoT Technology

Advantech’s Business Philosophy and Core Values

Invigorating the Human Spirit and Developing Talent

  • Create an open and healthy environment where talent can develop their skills and reach their fullest potential.
  • Trust and respect for the individual.
  • Build a happy and open community for all Advantechers.

Honesty, Integrity, and Accountability

  • Focus on the core business. Engage in business with honesty and fair play, and never participate in speculative or corrupt practices.
  • Commitment to maintaining honest and open communication channels.
  • Treat customers and partners with respect and gratitude, while pursuing co-creation and mutual prosperity.

Excellence and Innovation

  • Be one step ahead of the trends and lead the company with ever-innovation macroscopic strategies, while constantly creating value for the customer.
  • Encourage innovation, valuable co-creation, and healthy competition.

Altruism and Community Contribution

  • Aim to become the world’s leading brand and deliver outstanding products.
  • Bring positive benefits to the community with our events, programs, and contributions around the world.