Medical Platforms for Innovating Healthcare

As a leading provider of digital healthcare solutions, Advantech has collaborated with international medical equipment manufacturers and system integrators to develop its core competencies. Advantech’s iHealthcare division assists hospitals and healthcare providers with establishing patient-centered treatment environments equipped with innovative digital healthcare platforms for delivering quality patient care.

Soluciones de Advantech iHealthcare
Soluciones de Advantech iHealthcare

Application Scenarios

Multimodal Edge Solutions, Camera and Battery Modules POC-4/6 Series
Carro de enfermería de Advantech
Nursing Carts/Mobile Workstations
High Performance Capability for Critical Care and Analysis POC-6/8 Series
Serie POC-6/8 en quirófanos/UCI
Operating Rooms/ICUs
Serie POC-6/8 en laboratorios
Multimodal Edge Solutions POC-4 Series
Serie POC-4 en áreas de recepción de pacientes
Nursing Stations/Patient Reception Areas
Serie POC-4 en farmacias
Serie POC-4 en salas de examen
Examination Rooms

Choosing the Right Solution for You

POC-4 - PC médico All-in-One
POC-4 Series Multimodal Edge Solutions

The POC-4 series is the world’s first multimodal edge computing solution built for clinical healthcare and hospital applications.This flexibility and the ease of configuration shortens the equipment development and installation time, while also minimizing maintenancecosts and optimizing operational workflow.

• Intel® Core™ i5/Celeron® processor for high-performance computing

POC-6 - terminales Point-of-Care médicos
POC-6 Series Multi-Purpose Workstations

The POC-6 series of medical-grade point-of-care terminals provide the ideal solution for patient data management in intensive care units and radiologic imaging applications in operating rooms. Equipped with M2. expansion slots for integrating add-on cards and custom I/O modules, POC-6 terminals can be configured to support diverse healthcare applications.

• Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processor for high performance computing

POC-8 - terminales de alto rendimiento médicos
POC-8 Series High-Performance Terminals

The POC-8 series of medical-grade high-performance terminals is aimed at advanced healthcare applications, such as edge AI, laboratory processing, dentistry and ophthalmology surgery, and medical specialty practice. With the inclusion of MXM T1000/RTX 3000 graphics modules, POC-8 terminals offer the capabilities to support high-end graphics applications and 3D/2D rendering using CAD/CAM software.

• Intel® Core™ i7/i9 processor for high-performance computing

International Safety Certification

Compliant with standards for use in medical environments
  • Medical CE (IEC/EN 60601-1-2, Edition 4)
  • Medical FCC (FCC 47 Part 15, Class B)
  • Medical CE MDR (IEC/EN60601-1, Edition 3.1)
  • Medical UL (UL60601-1)
  • CCC
  • RED
  • RoHS

Convenient Expansion

Flexible Expansion

POC series terminals feature an expansion slot for connecting optional modules that extend the system functions.

  • High scalability with RFID, smart card reader, and LED light bar module.
  • All configurations certified for medical safety and EMC compliance.
Expansión conveniente

Enhanced Hygiene Control

Clasificación IP54
Hygienic design

POC series is designed with IP65-rated front panel and entire system is IP54-rated for superior infection control in healthcare application. High IP Level design makes equipment against dust and water splashed from all directions ensuring equipment operating in sanitary status and easy for cleaning.

Materiales seleccionados
Selected Materials for Healthcare Application

POC series used selected ABS as plastic enclosure material and special metal coated enable the POC to be frequently cleaned with disinfection agents.

Advantech’s solution is validated with below disinfection agents.

  • Strong sustainability from aging and heat
  • High tolerance against frequent cleaning with disinfection agents
  1. TriGENE
  2. IPA (Isopropyl alcohol)
  3. Cavicide
  4. Ethanol
  5. Sodium Hypochlorite solution
  6. Hydrogen Peroxide

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Easy Customization and Flexible Configuration

POC AC Input Model
(Standard system with internal PSU)
  • Pcle (x4) card
  • Main PCB
  • Internal PSU module
  • Isolated COM port
POC AC Input Model
(Optional functions)
  • 2.5” SSD
  • Camera module
  • M90 battery pack
  • RFID module
  • Smart card module
POC DC Input Model
(External PSU)
  • Pcle (x4) card
  • Main PCB
  • Internal PSU module
  • Isolated COM port
  • External PSU
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