AMiS-850T Compact Automated Dispensing Cabinet
Designed with 4 tiers and capacity for 16 lockable medicaiton bins, AMiS-850T allows medications to be stored and distributed near the point of care.

  • Assign bin(s) to a type of medication or Patient ID
  • eMedication bins can be tracked by systems
  • Bins can be opened automatically
  • Easy to disassemble and transfer access
  • USB connectivity, Windows-based application
  • Scalable design, Supports multiple eMedication boxes connected to one PC
  • Can be placed on a table or mounted on the AMiS Medical Cart
Advantech's AMiS-850T is combined with AiO/computer and application software to provide automated dispensing cabinet solution. Its RFID technology enables individual bin locking and tracking for strict access control, which reduces medication error and relieves pressure on medical professionals.