ETB Router with 8 x Giga Ethernet + 4 x Giga Ethernet(bypass) with dual wide voltage power input

  • Designed for rolling stock Ethernet Train Backbone (ETB)
  • Complies with EN50155, EN50121-3-2 and EN4554 5-2 electronic equipment standards
  • Provides 4 x M12 Giga Ethernet connectors with dual bypass relay
  • Provides M12 connectors with IP67 protection
  • Wide operating temperature support (-40 ~ 75 °C/-40 ~ 167 °F)
  • Compatible with IEC 61375-2-3/2-5 standards
  • TTDP function enables automatic IP address configuration
  • Isolated power with wide nominal power input range (24 ~ 110VDC)
  • Operating power input range: 16.8 ~ 137.5VDC
Advantech’s EKI-9500 series comprises two switches — the EKI-9512E-4GETB and EKI-9512G-4GETB. This series of switches delivers high EMC performance to railway applications. Indeed, the EKI-9500 series are excellent, rugged networking solutions for rolling stock and wayside applications.