• LoRaWAN Wireless Sensor Nodes

    LoRaWAN-enabled sensor nodes enable data collection with low-power, long-range connectivity, facilitating equipment monitoring in large areas.

  • LPWAN Wireless Sensor Nodes

    The WISE-2210 series features LPWAN CT current sensors, enabling efficient monitoring of electrical currents with low-power, long-range capabilities.

  • Wired Sensor Nodes

    The wired sensor nodes enable seamless data collection and analysis, catering to your specific domain-focused applications.

  • Wzzard Wireless Mesh Sensor Network

    The Wzzard™ is an easy to use, complete wireless sensor connectivity platform for the rapid deployment of scalable, intelligent, reliable IoT networking in demanding environments. Because of its efficient distribution of information to single or multiple receivers, low power usage and minimized data packets, it is ideal for mobile or remote locations.


  • Advantech Industrial Automation and I/O Solutions

    Advantech Industrial Automation and I/O Solutions

    Advantech offers versatile I/O devices from sensor modules, add-on DAQ cards or portable modules to remote I/O and wireless I/O devices and software tools, which not only satisfy data acquisition, measurement, control, and communication needs but also allows cloud integration for wider area data management systems.