Advantech Launches UBX-210K Fanless Multi-Functional Box Computer for Versatile Retail Applications


Taipei, Taiwan, April 2024 — Advantech, a leading service automation solutions provider, is delighted to introduce the UBX-210K, a fanless multi-functional box computer designed for the retail and semi-industrial markets. Powered by an Intel® N97 or Core™ i3-N305 processor, the UBX-210K boasts three video outputs and features a modular I/O board design to cater to diverse user scenarios with rich peripheral connections. Offering versatility, it accommodates various I/O types and quantities, including general USB, COM, 12V/24V PoweredUSB, 5V/12V Powered COM, and 12V/24V cash drawer connector. This makes it the optimal choice in the box PC market for users that require efficient control and management of numerous peripherals.

Modular I/O Board Design for Fast and Cost-Effective Solutions

Advantech’s UBX-210K multi-functional box computer, powered by an Intel® N97 or Core™ i3-N305 processor, supports Windows 10/11 and Linux OS. Featuring a modular I/O board design, users can customize the I/O configuration to meet specific requirements. By simply removing the rear I/O bracket, users can efficiently swap configurations, saving both time and costs. This unique design allows for hardware I/O upgrades without the need to replace the mainboard. The UBX-210K employs physical COM ports for peripherals, eliminating the need for additional converters and reducing data loss and extra expenses. Additionally, we offer a customization service for I/O boards, ensuring agile development to meet dynamic market demands and complete projects swiftly.

Exclusive X-Type Fin Design

The UBX-210K features an exclusive X-type fin design on the top cover, enhancing heat dissipation by increasing the surface area by up to 8%. This innovative, fanless, and dust-free design not only improves thermal performance, but also ensures a cost-effective solution for enhanced user experiences. Regardless of the mounting direction, the X-type fins allow 360-degree mounting without any limiting of the airflow’s direction.

Key Features

  • Provides modular I/O board design to configure and maintain the UBX-210K flexibly and easily.
  • Supports physical COM ports without additional converters to avoid data loss.
  • Various mounting options: desktop and wall mount.
  • Can be integrated with optional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo modules. 
  • Supports Windows 10 IoT LTSC 2021, Windows 11 IoT 22H2 GAC, and Linux OS.

Advantech's UBX-210K fanless multi-functional box computer is now available for order. For more information on the UBX-210K or other Advantech products and services, please contact your local sales support team or visit