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Microsoft Azure Defender For IoT
Continuous asset discovery, vulnerability management, and threat detection for your Internet of Things (IoT) and operational technology (OT) devices

  • Discover all your IoT/OT devices
  • Protect devices with a risk-based approach
  • Detect threats with IoT/OT behavioral analytics
  • Fully dashboard and risk assessment
  • Agentless roll in to field, passive detecting threats
  • Unified IT/OT Security Monitoring & Governance
  • Full visibility into assets and risk across your entire IoT/OT environment
  • Flexible deployment options including on-premises, Azure-connected, or hybrid
Azure Defender for IoT offers agentless, network-layer security that is rapidly deployed, works with diverse industrial equipment, interoperates with Azure Sentinel and other SOC tools. Discover all your IoT/OT devices promptly without impacting factory procduction running and prevent from threats.

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