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Solid State Drive

Give your device a performance and storage boost with Advantech Certified Industrial Grade Solid State Drive (SSD)! SSDs maximize speed of data access and are designed to replace a conventional IDE hard disk drive (HDD). We offer a full line of Internal Flash Storage solutions to suit all kinds of commercial, industrial and embedded applications like ultra-slim, PCs, gaming systems, handheld devices, data center, and enterprise sever... You have the option of 2.5 inch, 2.5" U.2, mSATA, or M.

Categoria de Produtos

  • 2.5 inch SSDs

    Update from HDDs to SSDs with Advantech! You can find perfect replacement storage device, fitting the standard dimensions of 2.5” SATA Hard Disk Drives, for ultra-slim, PCs, gaming systems, handheld devices, data center, and enterprise sever here.

  • mSATA SSDs

    Boost your mobile/portable device storage performance with Advantech Certified Industrial-Grade mSATA SSD! The mSATA SSD has a smaller form factor as it is designed specifically for use with portable, power-constrained devices in various applications such as ultrabooks, industrial PCs, vehicle PCs and road surveillance recording, digital signs, POS devices, retail kiosks, and multi-functional printers.

  • M.2 SSDs

    Maximize Read/Write Speed up to 3000/2000 MB/s to accelerate data delivery with lower latency for your enterprise sever, data center, gaming systems, embedded device, and other particular storage configuration needs.