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Advantech Japan Utilizes AIoT Solutions to Build a Sustainable Environment


A United Nations report indicated that 55%of the world's population lived in urban areas in 2018. This number is expected to reach 68%by 2050. This increase in urban population is causing various problems related to air pollution, waste management, and increased risk of disaster. As Japan is particularly prone to natural disasters it is necessary for the country’s government and cities as a whole to prepare accordingly.

The use of technology as a precaution against natural disaster in Japan is well established.Despite this, some problems remain unresolved.For example, older workers usually control flood sites where they endure risk and hard work. Due to the nature of Japan’s aging population, about 80% of manual flood control workers are at least 60 years old. Current manual flood control systems expose them to hazardous situations,as they are required to manually perform quick on-site water gate management in potentially adverse conditions.

To solve this problem, Advantech provided an AIoT solution that realizes unmanned and automated control of the flood water gates in Nogata City, Fukuoka Prefecture. With this AIoT platform, Advantech was able to help minimize the danger and reduce the workload of older workers,achieving remote flood management without needing to rebuild current flood infrastructure.Instead, the platform was simply an add-on unit.

Advantech will broaden its smart flood management applications going forward to help prevent natural disasters and create a more sustainable environment.