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DDR4 ECC Rugged DIMM: Improving In-Flight Infotainment Reliability in Aviation


Project Requirements

The existing airplane infotainment systems were facing operational challenges, including system disruptions, particularly during extreme weather conditions, turbulence, and variations in altitude. These challenges were negatively impacting passengers' in-flight entertainment experience. The airline recognized the need for a memory solution that could withstand the rigors of aviation environments and provide uninterrupted service.   

Advantech's ECC Rugged DIMM is especially designed for mission critical applications. The PCB, with its Rugged DRAM design and 2 mounting holes, is highly resistant to vibration and shock. It keeps the DRAM strongly secured on the motherboard while not being affected by vibration. Moreover, ECC Rugged DRAM modules are engineered to operate reliably in a wide temperature range, making them suitable for both extremely hot and extremely cold environments (-40 ~ 85℃). Robust DRAM can play a crucial role in resolving critical issues resulting from environmental challenges to optimize overall system performance.   

To ensure that the implemented solutions meet the highest standards, ECC Rugged DIMM has been tested to obtain the U.S. Military MIL-STD-810H qualification by undergoing a 40G/30G Sawtooth shock test in 6 directions with 18 shocks of 10ms duration. This rigorous testing is an integral part of our commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable avionics systems that meet and exceed the aerospace industry's stringent standards.

Project Description

The project specifications were meticulously outlined to address the specific challenges faced by the airline. The Advantech DDR4 ECC Rugged DIMM technology was chosen based on the following specifications:   

1.     Durability and Ruggedness: The DDR4 ECC Rugged DIMM is designed to operate reliably in harsh conditions, including under temperature variations and vibrations experienced during flight. Its rugged construction ensures continuous performance even in these challenging environments. 

2.     Stability in Extreme Conditions: ECC Rugged DIMM excels in stability, making it ideal for airplane systems. The memory module's ability to maintain consistent performance during turbulence and other adverse conditions contributed significantly to the project's success. 

3.     Extended Lifespan: Airplane systems require components with a long lifespan to minimize maintenance disruptions. The DDR4 ECC Rugged DIMM's robust design ensures longevity, and its lifetime warranty reduces the need for frequent replacements and associated downtime. 

4.     Enhanced Data Integrity: Advantech's memory technology provides an ECC solution, ensuring data integrity even in the face of environmental challenges. This is crucial for the reliable operation of critical airplane systems.

Product Specifications


  • Memory Type: (SQR-YD4I32G3K2SEAB) (ECC Rugged DIMM DDR4 3200 32GB (-40 ~ 85°C) 
  • Model Name: SQR-YD4I 
  • Industrial-grade Samsung IC fixed die with lifetime warranty 
  • MIL-STD-810H 40G/30G sawtooth shock test in 6 directions with 18 shocks of 10ms duration 
  • Default anti-sulfuration protection against harsh environments 
  • Dimensions: 35 x 69.6 mm

The Advantech SQRAM Implementation project represents a strategic step forward for the Aerospace Corporation in enhancing the reliability and performance of their avionics systems. By addressing customer pain points and leveraging advanced technology, this project is poised to deliver significant benefits, contributing to the success and safety of aerospace missions.

Why Advantech

  • Samsung IC fixed die with lifetime warranty 
  • 30μ″ chamfer edge gold fingers 
  • MIL-STD-810H Shock Certification, tested with 40G/30G sawtooth shock in 6 directions under 18 shocks of 10ms duration 
  • MIL-STD-810H Random Vibration Certification, testing X, Y, and Z axes for 1 hour per axis in operation mode 
  • Free SQRAM Manager Software to monitor DRAM health status and provide overheating alerts