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Leofoo Village Implements Advantech’s Mini Self-Service Kiosk to Enhance the Customer Ordering Experience

Amusement parks typically see large crowds on holidays, especially during lunch hours when visitors wait in long lines to place their orders. However, Leofoo Village Theme Park, a renowned Taiwanese amusement park, paints a different picture. Collaborating with Advantech and Cashier Tech, a company specializing in POS system integration, they have implemented self-service kiosks to reduce mealtime queues, allowing guests to spend more time enjoying the park attractions while ensuring a superior park experience.

Cost-effectively integrating software and hardware into kiosk services

Leofoo Village, a prominent amusement park in Taiwan, was frequently challenged with managing large crowds on weekends but fewer customers during the week, making human resource allocation difficult. Particularly during holidays, which is the park’s peak season, the park is concerned that having too few staff on shift will compromise the visitor experience.

While visiting another establishment, Jiun-Tai Chen, Assistant Manager of the park’s System Maintenance Department, noticed how the customer self-service functionality of Cashier Tech’s self-service kiosks enhanced order efficiency. Recognizing their potential, he spearheaded the integration of these self-service kiosks in two of the park’s restaurants. Visitors can now easily select their meals via the kiosk and easily pay using their EasyCard, credit card, or cash.

Cashier Tech’s founder, Hochi Chuang, highlighted that after a thorough assessment of the costs and usage requirements, they opted for Advantech’s UTK-615 15.6-inch Mini Self-Service Kiosk to pair with Cashier Tech’s ordering system. Two UTK-615 kiosks were installed in each of the two restaurants, replacing traditional order-taking. During busy periods, these kiosks effectively manage the influx of customers, significantly reducing customer wait times.

“In the past, during holidays, we had all six counters open in both restaurants. Now, with just two kiosks, three counters suffice,” explained Mike You, Business Manager of Cashier Tech’s Information Department. Surplus staff can now focus on preparing meals faster, enhancing the overall guest experience. On quieter days, fewer staff are needed at the counters, ensuring efficient workforce distribution and cost savings.

Customized services making on-site system implementation smooth

Designed by Advantech, the UTK-615 mini kiosk features a compact and lightweight design that was specifically developed with small-sized chain restaurants in mind. It requires no renovation of the installation space, nor does it sacrifice any existing areas, making it ideal for immediate installation as a POS solution. 

Furthermore, its modular design not only offers an excellent cost-performance ratio, but also allows for maximum installation flexibility. It can be deployed adaptably in virtually any environment, with support for standard VESA mounting for easy installation on walls, counters, or stands. Additionally, the kiosk’s rear panel supports diverse peripheral connections for devices such as credit card readers. This flexible design ensures that business owners can easily upgrade the system with new functionalities.

This includes features that go far beyond just ordering meals, including anything from interactive games, shopping recommendations, and rewards to customer surveys or any other promotional strategy. By combining physical and virtual interactions, parks such as Leofoo Village can creatively enhance customer satisfaction and transaction value, such as by offering discount coupons as rewards in mini-games Additionally, if the park were to install more devices, they could leverage Advantech’s DeviceOn-iService Suite, a remote access and management system that allows IT administrators to remotely manage and control all computer equipment and peripheral devices within the park from the backend, thus simplifying management, optimizing IT operations, and improving efficiency.

Mr. Chuang noted that Advantech provided substantial assistance in customizing the UTK-615 to the park’s needs. This included installing additional I/O ports for cash modules and adjusting the printer specifications to the park’s 2-inch paper rolls. Thanks to Advantech’s real-time services and tailored adjustments, the implementation was seamless.

Following the successful implementation of the self-service kiosks, Leofoo Village is open to exploring more of Cashier Tech’s POS systems in the future. Cashier Tech, in partnership with Advantech, remains committed to assisting Leofoo Village in developing more intelligent applications that deliver an unparalleled entertainment experience for visitors.