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TOP TIPS: Making Digital Transformation Easier for Traditional Manufacturers


Through the integration of legacy methods, wireless sensors, and proper interfacing with remote management software and pre-integrated solution packages, manufacturers can easily and cost effectively implement digital IoT analysis and management practices to improve productivity. Checkout these tips to learn more.

Become familiar with recent technologies

Most manufacturers consider equipment monitoring as the first step for digital transformation, yet factories that incorporate large numbers of older equipment do not have the sensing and communications functions in place, making them reluctant to shut down valuable production time to install intelligent modules. Recent technology has made available machine monitoring and/or process monitoring systems using noninvasive external designs that won’t interfere with production system operations. Such systems allow the back-end management platform to be in control of the operational status of the machines in the plant, thereby smoothing the transformation of traditional manufacturing industries.

Interconnect using whatever method is already in place

Know your own system capabilities and your current methods of providing equipment monitoring information. For example, a plastic injection molding process uses a series of tricolor light signals mounted on machines to allow for the calculation of the equipment’s operation ratio. In a warehouse situation, cameras are often used to provide route analysis and planning for robots. And in factory automation, motor vibration analysis is performed using external sensor devices. Every industry has a method that is already in place that it uses to provide data back to a management platform for analysis. Considered as pre-integrated solution packages, each integrates with software and hardware already. So, before replacing your current methods, consider what’s working and how to integrate that into a more resourceful and robust system