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Tıbbi Arabalar

AMiS medikal arabaları, hasta başı ve hasta bakım hizmetlerini iyileştirmek için tasarlanmıştır. AMiS-50 ve AMiS-60, yüksek performans sunmak için donatılmıştır ve AMiS-30 dizüstü bilgisayar kurulumuna destek veren bir medikal arabadır.

Product Categories

  • Telesağlık Arabası

    Advantech's telehealth cart connects hospitals, care facilities, and community clinics to provide a zero-distance care network for remote patients.

  • Intelligent Power System

    Advantech's iPS is suitable to be installed in mobile carts which are used in hospitals and other applications that need higher standard of safety.

  • Documentation cart

    AMiS carts streamline documentation by eliminating paper-based processes, thereby reducing data errors and optimizing operational efficiency.

  • Thermography Cart

    With Thermography Turret Temperature Measurement Camera and Video AI Facial Recognition Edge, it can discover and track people with higher temperature

  • Light Duty Cart

    AMiS-30E series provides a lightweight and cost-effective medical mobility solution to hospitals.

  • eMedication Solution

    AMiS eMedication Solution is aimed at relieving pressure on medical professionals and optimizing medication management.

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