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Inspection Robots with GPU Module Cards in Power Substations

Inspection Robots with GPU Module Cards in Power Substations


  • Palm-sized, minimum Core i computing power, with flexibility for AI acceleration for different user scenarios & easy assembly 
  • Multi-camera, sensor, and I/O applications 
  • Must work outdoors with high reliability


  • 3.5”, USB4 Type-C flexible choice for MXM GPU modules and convenient assembly 
  • Various I/Os and sensor interface design on one board 
  • Wide power input (12-24V), wide operating temp. (-40~85°C) 
  • DeviceOn remote management with validated wireless modules

System Diagram

System Diagram
Powered by High-Performance, Low-Power SBC MIO-5377

Performance Computing Power with Integrated AI: 

 • 3.5”(146x102mm) SBC with up to 96EUs for parallel AI workload  

 • Optional MXM GPU module through USB4 (Type C)

Multiple & High Speed I/O, Sensors within one Main Board:

 • 1 x USB 4 (Type C), 1 x USB 3.2 (Type C), 4 x USB3.2, 2 x USB2.0, 2 x GbE  

 • 6 x COM (1Mbps), 3 x I2C (1Mbps), 2 x CANBus

Support Indoor/ Outdoor and Reliable Design: 

 • Temp. -40 ~ 85°C  

 • 12-24 VDC wide-range power input  

 • TDP 15W/ 28W, fan/fanless


  • 3.5 SBC and flexible selection on AI acceleration modules for different applications to save space, shorten development schedules, and reduce costs 
  • Multiple high-speed I/Os in one board to save costs to find other solutions and reduce integration efforts 
  • Rugged design with wide power input and wide operating temp to operate under harsh environments