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Advantech and NVIDIA Collaborate to Accelerate Generative AI Adoption


Taipei, Taiwan - June, 2024 - Advantech (TWSE: 2395), a global leader in industrial IoT, has announced it is now an official distributor of NVIDIA AI Enterprise. This enables customers to leverage their business data with on-premises solutions using customized LLMs. These solutions are deployed with NVIDIA AI Enterprise and utilize NVIDIA AI microservices, providing a robust and scalable AI infrastructure. 

The latest NVIDIA AI Enterprise 5.0 platform includes dozens of generative AI microservices, categorized into two main groups: NIM and CUDA-X. NIM focuses on optimized inference microservices for large-scale AI model deployment, while CUDA-X targets data processing, AI, and high-performance computing applications. 

Advantech, with nearly 200 edge AI specialists and global experts, not only provides NVIDIA AI Enterprise software and services but also offers NVIDIA-Certified Systems such as the SKY-600 series AI servers and AIR-500 series workstations. This accelerates the installation and deployment of NVIDIA AI Enterprise software tools and platforms on Advantech hardware, enabling customers to focus on valuable AI application development.

NIM, with Enterprise-Grade Inference Microservices, Significantly Reduces Deployment Time

NIM Inference Microservices provide pre-built containers powered by NVIDIA inference software, including Triton Inference Server™ and TensorRT™-LLM. These tools enable developers to reduce deployment times from weeks to minutes. The microservices provide industry-standard APIs for domains such as language, speech, and drug discovery, allowing developers to quickly create AI applications using their proprietary data securely hosted on their own infrastructure. NIM also manages and scales these application deployments, delivering excellent flexibility and performance for running generative AI on NVIDIA platforms.

CUDA-X Microservices for RAG, Data Processing, Guardrails, and HPC

To accelerate the development of production AI across various industries, Enterprises can leverage multiple NVIDIA CUDA-X microservices. These include NVIDIA Riva for custom speech and translation AI, NVIDIA cuOpt™ for optimal path planning, and NVIDIA Earth-2 for high-resolution climate and weather simulations, all aimed at accelerating AI adoption. Developers can integrate NeMo Retriever™ microservices to connect AI applications with business data such as text, images, and visual data like bar charts. These capabilities enhance enterprises’ ability to supply more data to AI co-pilots, chatbots, and generative AI tools, thereby improving accuracy and insights.

Software Add-On Services

By combining Advantech’s Tier 1 support with the power of NVIDIA AI Enterprise, customers can deploy and maintain their edge AI solutions with greater speed, confidence, and efficiency. Advantech’s Tier 1 support services include:

 •  System Certification Services: Ensure the reliability and stability of your edge AI platform through rigorous testing and certification processes. 

 •  Operating System Compatibility Consultation: Receive expert advice on selecting the optimal operating system for your specific hardware and software requirements. 

 •  Cross-Platform Inference Computing Guidance: Gain insights into transitioning to a cross-platform environment for enhanced scalability and flexibility.

 •  Edge-to-Cloud Integration Consultation: Develop a seamless edge-to-cloud architecture for efficient data management and analysis. 

 •  Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions: Implement robust security measures to protect your edge AI systems from cyber threats.

Drawing upon its 40 years of expertise in industrial computing, Advantech's collaboration with NVIDIA has resulted in a comprehensive, efficient, and secure AI application development platform and set of tools for its customers. Advantech's frontline support addresses compatibility and usability issues during platform setup, while NVIDIA's AI experts provide direct assistance to resolve any development challenges related to NVIDIA AI SDKs. This ensures accelerated and optimized outcomes in AI application development. For more details about NVIDIA AI Enterprise, apply for a trial or visit the Advantech product page.