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Advantech Releases SKY-MXM-A2000 on the High-Performance NVIDIA Ampere Architecture


Advantech, a leading provider of industrial edge computing platforms, provides a new series of solutions for embedded computing powered by the latest NVIDIA GPUs. The newest SKY-MXM-A2000 industrial solution will be released shortly.

Built on the NVIDIA® Ampere architecture, providing the highest performance

This industrial-grade GPU-accelerated solution is the first embedded MXM-based module built on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, which delivers the latest RTX technology. It features real-time ray tracing, accelerated AI, advanced graphics, and high-performance computing capabilities, which is important for embedded computing solutions in enterprise deployments.

Supporting both RT and Tensor Cores for graphics and intensive-compute tasks

SKY-MXM-A2000 is equipped with GDDR6 graphics memory with error correction code (ECC) support for error-free computing. Most importantly, it uses an NVIDIA RTX™ A2000 embedded GPU, which combines 20 second-generation RT Cores, 80 third-generation Tensor Cores, and up to 2,560 next-generation CUDA® cores. SKY-MXM-A2000 fulfills increasing demands for processing power, graphics, and intensive-compute tasks for designers, engineers, and scientists, to support their application development in industries including auto-optical inspection (AOI), medical care, transportation, and gaming.

Compact design with high-end clock rates and low power consumption

The clock rates of SKY-MXM-A2000 range from 1,215 MHz (base) to 1,687 MHz (boost), which can power high performing workstations. Moreover, its compact size and ruggedized design with a small form factor of only 82 x 70 mm allows it to fit into limited spaces — with low power consumption (up to 60W). Its low thermal emissions make it suitable for intelligent systems like those in surgery, autonomous driving, and driver-assisted applications. With 0~55 °C standard operating temperatures, SKY-MXM-A2000 can withstand the demands of harsh industrial environments and ensure workstation stability and durability.

Industrial GPU Solutions with MS-Hybrid model support

SKY-MXM-A2000 supports two optional discrete and MS-Hybrid modes. As a pure accelerator card, it can focus on big data processing in MS-Hybrid mode, which is mainly configured for notebooks and high-end GPUs. In discrete mode, it supports a maximum of four DisplayPort signal outputs. In addition, Advantech’s strict revision and engineering change control, as well as its 5-year product support, will reassure end customers.

Key Features

  • NVIDIA RTX A2000 with MXM 3.1 TYPE A form factor (82 x 70 mm)
  • Up to 2,560 CUDA cores, 20 RT Cores, 80 Tensor Cores (NVIDIA Ampere GPU architecture cores)
  • GDDR6 4GB memory, 128-bit, bandwidth 192 GB/s
  • Up to 4x DisplayPort 1.4a digital video outputs 
  • Long life cycle, supports 5 years’ availability

Advantech, an Elite Partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network, provides edge systems and solutions applied in the fields of industrial, manufacturing, and robotics. Advantech is dedicated to developing cutting-edge GPUs like SKY-MXM-T1000 (built on the NVIDIA Turing™ GPU architecture with MXM 3.1 TYPE A, GDDR6 4GB and 896 CUDA cores) and up-comping SKY-MXM-RTX3000 (built on the NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture with MXM 3.1 TYPE B, GDDR6 6GB, 1920 CUDA cores, 30 RT Cores and 240 Tensor Cores).

Advantech’s SKY-MXM-T1000 is available for order now. SKY-MXM-A2000 and SKY-MXM-RTX3000 are expected to be released soon. For more information regarding Advantech GPUs or other products and services, please contact your local sales support team or visit our website.