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Elevating Enterprise Performance: Utilizing SQF CU-2 EU2 in Multinucleated Cell Detection


The demand for advanced medical applications is driven by the need for high performance and large data capacity. This surge in the use of advanced medical applications necessitates high-performance storage solutions. Accordingly, the Advantech SQF EU-1 U.3 and SQF EU-2 U.2 are designed with industrial heat dissipation capabilities to ensure stable operation and reliability for advanced medical applications such as genetic analysis and multi-core cell detection. These solutions enable faster and more efficient data processing.

Customer Pain Points

In recent years, precision medicine has gained prominence, with variant-gene-targeted drugs becoming mainstream therapies. Next-generation sequencing assists doctors in identifying lesions, thereby enhancing medical efficiency by enabling the simultaneous testing of numerous cancer genes. These testing systems rely on extensive medical imaging data, which must be stored and processed in real time.

Project Description

The EU-1 SQFlash NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSDs are engineered for high-speed, low-latency data transmission and processing. They feature Hynix high-level NAND Flash, delivering impressive read and write speeds of up to 7,000 and 6,800 MB/s respectively. This speed is vital for processing large datasets. With an overall capacity of up to 30 TB and a DWPD of 1, these SSDs confidently meet the demands of high-end medical diagnostics. In addition, EU-1 are equipped with full hot plug support, allowing SSDs to be swapped out without powering down the whole system. This feature significantly reduces interruptions in medical data processing. SQFlash launches to meet the advanced medical applications market which need large capacity, high performance, reliability functions.

Key Solution High-lights

  • Robust support for read-intensive and mixed-use applications, ensuring versatility in usage scenarios. 
  • Industrial heatsink design ensures efficient heat dissipation while maintaining low power consumption, ideal for extended operation in demanding environments. 
  • With AES-256 and TCG-OPAL compliance, comprehensive security measures are integrated, safeguarding sensitive data effectively. 
  • The inclusion of SQF Manager software tool facilitates seamless integration of storage self-monitoring, performance monitoring, lifespan estimation, and diagnostics, enhancing overall system management and maintenance. 
  • 5-year longevity with stable supply, customization services tailored to specific needs, and access to a prompt and professional technical support team, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience throughout the product lifecycle.

Product Specifications- SQFlash

  • Flash storage up to 30 TB (0 ~ 70℃) 
  • Enterprise SSD, with DWPD of 1 
  • Hot plugin support 
  • Speeds: Read - 7,000 MB/s, Write - 6,800 MB/s
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