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Modular I/O System: ADAM-5000 Series

ADAM-5000 PC-based controllers equip an Intel Atom D510 CPU along with features such as watchdog timer, battery backup RAM and deterministic I/O.

FAQ: How to Select the Right Remote I/O for Your Industrial Applications?

The article will take you through step-by-step beginning with an analysis of the advantages of Remote I/O, its physical interfaces, protocols, and I/O functions to choose the right Remote I/O that suits your industrial needs. 

Advantech IoT Academy

Features and advantages of ADAM-5000: intelligent Edge DAQ platform

Features and advantages of ADAM-5000: intelligent Edge DAQ platform

In this course, you will learn the features and advantages of ADAM-5000 series and its most relevant applications.

Product Categories

  • Controllers

  • I/O Rack

    ADAM-5000/485 & ADAM-5000E are centralized I/O systems which conform to RS-485. ADAM-5000L/TCP & ADAM-5000/TPC are both Ethernet-based I/O systems.

  • Communication Modules

    ADAM-5000 communication modules ADAM-5091 & ADAM-5095 are equipped with serial ports to enable easy expandability and bi-directional communications.

  • Analog I/O Modules

    ADAM-5000 AI/O modules offer different voltage and current ranges, thermal coupling, and RTD to fulfill multiple applications.

  • Digital I/O Modules

    ADAM-5000 DI/O modules are equipped with high density channels, isolation, short circuit protection, failure protection and hot swap functionality.

  • Counter/Frequency Modules

    ADAM-5000 frequency and counter modules are bi-directional and can be remotely configured to up/down, counter, frequency, and alarm setting modes.

  • Power Supplies Modules

    Advantech provides DIN-rail mounting PWR-242 and panel mounting PWR-243 switching power supplies for different installation environments.

Featured Highlights

  • Advantech Industrial Automation and I/O Solutions

    Advantech Industrial Automation and I/O Solutions

    Advantech offers versatile I/O devices from sensor modules, add-on DAQ cards or portable modules to remote I/O and wireless I/O devices and software tools, which not only satisfy data acquisition, measurement, control, and communication needs but also allows cloud integration for wider area data management systems.