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Revolutionizing High-End Medical Imaging with Advantech SQR-SD5N Integration


Medical imaging technology demands increasingly sophisticated and efficient hardware solutions. Integrating Advantech SQR-SD5N high-end DDR5 5600 48GB SODIMM modules into these systems represents a significant leap forward in meeting these demands. The primary objective of this project is to enhance the performance, reliability, and capacity of medical imaging systems, ensuring they can handle the intensive workloads and large datasets generated during imaging processing.

Customer Pain Points

Medical imaging systems require substantial processing power and memory bandwidth to handle complex computations and large data transfers. High-end imaging techniques generate especially massive amounts of data, causing memory to struggle when capped at 32GB, leading to limited processing times and potential data bottlenecks. In addition, a long-lasting solution is essential for this project. Our solution is built with original Micron ICs to ensure robust longevity, which is crucial for medical devices.

Project Description

Medical image systems, such as CT scanners and ultrasound machines, have revolutionized diagnostics by providing detailed internal views of the human body, facilitating early and accurate diagnosis of various conditions. To meet the growing demands of these systems, there is a continuous need for high-performance, high-capacity, and high-reliability DRAM solutions.   

Leveraging the high-speed 5600MT/s and 48GB capacity of DDR5 memory, this project aims to significantly enhance the performance of medical imaging systems. This upgrade enables faster processing of large datasets and real-time image rendering. The built-in PMIC and on-die ECC functions of the DDR5 5600 prevent data corruption, ensuring the integrity of medical imaging data. 

Additionally, this project requires a durable solution, and the DDR5 5600 48GB, built with original Micron ICs, ensures high quality and longevity.


Integrating SQR-SD5N DDR5 5600 48GB SODIMM memory modules into high-end medical imaging systems strategically addresses existing performance and capacity challenges. Leveraging the advanced features of SQRAM, such as DRAM longevity support and customizable solutions, this project ensures that medical imaging systems can meet the rigorous demands of modern diagnostics.  Ultimately, this enhancement aims to improve patient care and operational efficiency.

Key Solution High-lights

  • Industrial-Grade Micron ICs with lifetime warranty    
  • On-die ECC error correction mechanism, enhancing reliability 
  • 30μ″ chamfer edge gold fingers
  • 24-hour high-low temperature and humidity test
  • Conformal coating & sidefill (optional)
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40 ~ 95°C) (optional)
  • Free SQ Manager 2.0 Software to monitor DRAM health status and overheating alerts