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Streamlining Buses Operation with Automated Passenger Counting and Secure In-Vehicle Network


Location: United States


In modern urban life, public transportation systems play a crucial role. Therefore, in a regional public transportation department in the United States, to enhance the convenience, safety, and efficiency of bus systems, the public transportation authority actively seeks innovative solutions. One key area is passenger flow monitoring and management, ensuring buses operate optimally.

System Requirements

The local public transportation department in the United States faces challenges in passenger flow monitoring and management. They require an efficient system capable of accurately monitoring passenger boarding and alighting from buses, and transmitting real-time data for subsequent analysis and operational management. Additionally, since buses often operate in various environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures and vibrations, the chosen solution needs to adapt to these conditions and maintain stable and reliable operation.

Furthermore, the customer demands equipment for the system that is internationally certified and rigorously tested to ensure reliability and validation of the chosen solution, thus ensuring the safety and stable operation of the public transportation system. Additionally, as many public transportation projects require rapid deployment, they need a solution that can be quickly implemented to minimize downtime and increase efficiency.

Project Implementation

System Description

To address the customer's requirements, Advantech introduced the industrial managed Ethernet switch, EKI-7720G-4FI, a layer 2 managed switch offering expanded connectivity options. Moreover, it supports wide operating temperature range from -40°C to 75°C, ensuring stable operation even in extreme environments, effectively mitigating the temperature fluctuations inside the vehicles. Furthermore, the EKI-7720G-4FI features dual 12~48 VDC power input, enabling the 24V power input in ebus environment.  This capability ensures stable operation across diverse power environments, thereby enhancing the system's reliability and longevity.

Optical counting sensors are installed at the bus doors to accurately detect passenger entry and exit. These sensors are connected to a computer, which then transmits real-time data to the industrial Ethernet switch. The switch is responsible for forwarding this data to the backend system, allowing operations personnel to monitor passenger flow in real-time and make necessary adjustments as needed. EKI-7720G-4FI features with 16 port Gigabit Ethernet can fulfill multiple devices transmission simultaneously.

Additionally, EKI-7720G-4FI managed Ethernet switch is cyber security IEC 62443 certified which can ensure the cyber security protection in the vehicle's network. Besides, it will provide a cohesive approach to cybersecurity within complex ebus environments, where various devices and technologies need to work together securely. Ultimately, this measure improves the security of the bus system, providing passengers with safer and more reliable services.

System Diagram


Through the deployment of industrial Ethernet switches and automated passenger counting systems, the United States public transportation department can enjoy the benefits of capacity management, schedule optimization, fare collection, and route planning. This solution not only enhances transportation efficiency but also improves passenger safety and convenience. Additionally, the stability and reliability of the switches ensure continuous operation of the system in various extreme environments. This successful case serves as a viable reference for other public transportation agencies to address similar challenges and enhance the efficiency and quality of transportation systems.