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Advantech Launches EdgeSync 360 to Transform Industrial Device Management

EdgeSync 360

Taipei, Taiwan, March, 2024 – Advantech is excited to introduce EdgeSync 360, an advanced Edge-as-a-Service solution. This suite of software products, featuring EdgeLink, DeviceOn, WebAccess, and EdgeHub, is engineered to transform how industries manage their edge devices and data. Together, they enhance operational efficiency, security, and data-driven decision-making in industrial environments.

Innovative Connectivity and Management Components

At the core of EdgeSync 360 are four essential components. First, EdgeLink serves as an intelligent gateway, facilitating protocol conversion and secure connections. It seamlessly bridges over 200 OT devices with the cloud, ensuring a robust link between them. Second, DeviceOn, the Edge Management Service, provides fast intelligent device edge onboarding, data acquisition, and status information, guaranteeing peak performance for connected devices. Third, WebAccess offers real-time Field Management, providing advanced visualization and reporting tools that elevate decision-making capabilities. Lastly, EdgeHub, hosted on Azure, acts as a centralized hub for managing all Advantech devices, streamlining device and data orchestration for optimal efficiency.

Transform Industrial Operations with Real-Time Features

EdgeSync 360 boasts features that empower seamless device communication through edge-to-cloud connectivity. It enables real-time monitoring of devices, providing remote control capabilities from any location, a critical aspect in mitigating losses and preventing damage. The solution also provides advanced data visualization features for comprehensive views of asset statuses, enabling proactive maintenance. 

Unleash the Full Potential of Industrial Device Management

EdgeSync 360 aims to transform the industrial sector by establishing seamless connections, improving management efficiency, and unleashing the full potential of devices and data. This solution prioritizes streamlined operations, enhanced security, and meaningful data utilization, ensuring increased efficiency and valuable insights. The introduction of EdgeSync 360 underscores Advantech's commitment to innovation and excellence in industrial automation, marking a new chapter in the evolution of edge device management solutions. Visit the website or contact your local sales team to learn more.

About Advantech

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