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Advantech Launches the USC-513RB 13.3” Integrated Android POS System for Retail and Hospitality Applications


Taipei, Taiwan, June 2024 – Advantech, a leading provider of intelligent computing solutions, is pleased to announce its USC-513RB, a cost-effective integrated point-of-sale (POS) system tailored for diverse retail and hospitality applications. With its sleek modern design, the USC-513RB integrates a printer and barcode scanner, streamlining payments and receipt printing in a compact terminal.

The USC-513RB features dual 13.3-inch screens as the default configuration. Alternatively, upon request, the USC-513RB offers the option for a single display. Equipped with a gravity-sensor board, the single display can automatically change orientation when flipped between cashiers and customers.

Powered by the Rockchip RK3568 processor, the USC-513RB supports Android 12 and Linux OS. For compatibility with Windows OS, the USC-513K, featuring an Intel® N97 or Core™ i3-N305 processors, will be launched in Q1 2025. The USC-513RB offers a variety of I/O options, including USB, COM ports, and an RJ-11 cash drawer connector, facilitating seamless deployment in diverse retail environments, such as restaurants, convenience stores, cafes, and shopping malls, especially in areas with limited counter space for POS system installation.

Efficient Space Management with Compact Design

The USC-513RB boasts a footprint of just 170 x 171 mm - smaller than an A4 paper (210 x 290 mm). This compact size optimizes space utilization, providing retailers with more space for product displays and promotions.

Built-In Peripherals for Streamlined Operations

The USC-513RB is equipped with a built-in printer and barcode scanner. With a printing speed of 170mm/s and an automatic receipt-cutting function, the integrated printer ensures efficient customer interaction. Additionally, the scanner module offers customizable operating modes, illumination, beep volume, and symbology options to cater to diverse needs. By consolidating payment and receipt printing into a single terminal, the USC-513RB helps retailers eliminate the need for additional peripheral devices that clutter the counter area, saving valuable space.

Embedded G-Sensor Enables Auto-Rotating Touchscreen for Enhanced Customer Engagement

The USC-513RB is equipped with a built-in gravity sensor (G-sensor) board, which allows the touchscreen to rotate 180 degrees automatically. This feature activates when the device is flipped from a staff-facing to a customer-facing orientation, ensuring that the display remains correctly oriented and preventing upside-down views.

This functionality enhances the usability of the USC-513RB as a POS terminal, especially when it is equipped with a single display. In such cases, customers can easily interact with the touchscreen interface to perform tasks like joining loyalty programs, viewing purchased items, or signing digitally to complete transactions.

Streamlined Expansion and Effortless Maintenance

The USC-513RB features a range of I/O ports, including USB and serial ports, located conveniently on the bottom side, allowing seamless integration with existing store equipment. Moreover, the USC-513RB is designed for easy access and maintenance. With just two screws, the built-in printer can be repaired or replaced, while removing four screws enables the dismantling of the stand base cover for further maintenance of the internal mainboard. These mechanical designs simplify the installation and servicing processes of the USC-513RB, ensuring hassle-free operation.

Key Features

  • Powered by the Rockchip RK3568 processor with 4G DDR4 memory and 64G eMMC storage, supporting Android 12 and Linux OS
  • Compact design and small footprint, perfect for limited counter spaces
  • 13.3" 16:9 FHD 1920 x 1080 LCD touchscreen, capable of integration with a second display
  • Integration with a thermal printer and barcode scanner for seamless operation
  • Rich I/O interface and peripheral options for diverse applications
  • Embedded G-sensor enables automatic rotation of the touchscreen for optimal customer interaction
  • Easy maintenance and clear cable management for hassle-free operation

Advantech’s USC-513RB integrated POS system is available for order now. For more information regarding this or other Advantech products and services, contact your local sales support team or visit our website at