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Building a Security-Critical Ethernet Network for Singapore’s Surveillance System

Industry Application: CCTV Surveillance
Location: Singapore

Project Introduction

Unauthorized entry, suspicious activity, and information intrusion have been growing security concerns for one of Advantech’s end customers in Singapore. To further enhance security, the customer decided to deploy a highly secure CCTV surveillance system to monitor its property and act as a deterrent. To achieve the highest level of surveillance and supervision, an advanced security-critical Ethernet network that could best ensure high video stream quality was sought.

System Requirements

The ability to run video streams on a security-critical Ethernet network was essential. Thus, the customer’s primary requirements were as follows: 
  • Gigabit managed switch with more than 16 fiber interfaces with the highest network availability and reliability
  • Gigabit fiber transceivers with various ranges
  • High-quality Ethernet network security to protect against cyber security threats
  • Maximum video stream quality with zero frame loss

Project Implementation

  • EKI-7428G-20FA: Industrial rack-mounted Gigabit switch with 20 SFP slots
  • SFP-GLX/LC-10E: Gigabit SFP fiber transceiver, long-haul distance reach of 10 km
  • SFP-GSX/LC-AE: Gigabit SFP fiber transceiver, short-haul distance reach of 550 m 

System Diagram


System Description

  • More than 12 IP surveillance cameras are connected to each EKI-7428G-20FA managed switch, with both short-haul and long-haul fiber connections
  • Switch security mechanism is activated to protect each fiber port from unauthorized access
  • QoS of the switch guarantees bandwidth availability for video streaming of each IP camera

Benefits and Advantages

High Versatility 

Either 100M or 1000M SFP fiber transceivers can be plugged into any fiber port of the switch, meeting different fiber connectivity needs

High Security

  • DHCP snooping to ensure secure, dynamic IP allocation
  • IP source guard to prevent video stream intrusion 
  • VLAN to prevent unauthorized video stream capture
  • High Reliability The QoS of the switch reserves sufficient network bandwidth for each IP camera

High Reliability 

The QoS of the switch reserves sufficient network bandwidth for each IP camera

With the many benefits and exponential growth of IoT, Advantech is fully aware of exploitable vulnerabilities for cyber security. As a global leader in industrial networking solutions, Advantech’s iConnectivity Group has been taking steps to further strengthen our industrial communications products to provide greater security and protection in order to help our users maximize the potential of IoT in a more protected and secure network environment.