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Mamaway Implemented Advantech’s Digital Signage Solution


TNPgroup, which has several brand agencies, operates more than 10 retails and 50 online selling channels in Indonesia. It provides over 20 brands of product and service for pregnant, infants and children. Besides, TN group became the only agent of well-known pregnant clothing brand, Mamaway, in Indonesia since 2012. Now, it runs 8 Mamaway retails locally in Indonesia.   

For those retailers who emphasize centralization of management, they ask retails not only be instantaneity and unity but also provide special and high quality shopping environment and experience to costumers. Therefore, Mamaway appointed Advantech to redesign its stores. After understanding the needs of Mamaway, Advantech provided Advantech’s Digital Signage Solution, equipping Intel quadro core and supporting HD dynamic display to improve it. It is suitable for multi-shop retailers, they could schedule and monitor the display remotely and instanly, advancing the communication efficiency of retails as well.

Admittedly, it has been known that almost pregnant and breastfeeding products have been short-term consumables since we are unfamiliar with these goods. However, Mamaway has provided various desirable products for a longer usage time and insisted in high quality products and service for customers. Though Advantech’s Digital Signage Solution, it not only reduces large number of costs, such as printing expense, delivery cost, and the amount of paper usage, but it is also beneficial for attracting more customers stay . Moreover, what we do is helping our client, Mamaway, to renovate customer’s impressions toward pregnant clothing store and enhance in-store shopping experiences!

By utilizing the digital signage which Advantech’s Digital Signage Solution provides, enhancing visual effects and making product more eye-catching. Thus, it has altered the consumer behaviors and brought more revenues to our clients. Advantech offers WebAccess/IMM Software and professional multimedia displays of industrial standard which is truly stable and robust with guarantee. What is more, it is easy and convenient for client to finish these processes by only three steps.

Three Simple Steps

  • Editing: Choose and upload multimedia files Edit the content of program and layouts
  • Scheduling: Set the specific date or regular schedule to display
  • Delivering: Deliver the content to all the displays in different stores by just one click
After TNP group implemented Advantech’s Digital Signage Solution, it has decided to employ related function of Ushop+ IOT Mart solutions to other stores, creating a more desirable shopping environment and implementing an intelligent advertising and marketing strategy in the future.

Client’s Needs

  • Promote best selling items or recommended products effectively
  • Enhance service quality and shopping environment in Mamaway stores
  • Edit and manage the content of digital signage remotely and instantly

Client’s Benefits

  • Enhanced signage contents with dynamic images and vivid videos 
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Increased marketing effectiveness and customer engagement
  • Remote content management and easy installation
  • Reduced operating costs