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Control Solutions for Outdoor EV Chargers


Project Introduction

EV charging units are often installed in outdoor environments with extremely low temperatures. As the climates or seasons change, EV charger station devices face challenges created by unpredictable temperatures. Wide temperature DRAM memory peripherals avoid operational problems by stabilizing functionality in harsh environments. 

Customer Pain Points

Our customers in Europe face critical cold weather challenges. Indeed, winter conditions cause system boot up problems and unstable operation in outdoor applications. Accordingly, wide temperature systems and robust DRAM memory is necessary for harsh environment operation. 

  • Unstable system operation and boot up problems in cold weather 
  • Challenges arise when the weather changes suddenly, during heavy rains, or after dusk 

Project Description

The European customer in this case had a rugged motherboard but needed a memory solution capable of enduring cold temperatures. Accordingly, industrial DRAM memory was chosen to stabilize system operation. 

System Diagram

Product Specifications

  • Specifications: SODIMM DDR3 1600 2GB/4GB -20-85 °C 
  • Model Name: SQR-SD3I 
  • SQR is tested via a 24-hr high-low burn-in stress test (-40-85 °C) with 100% full loading criteria; and low temperature boot up with 1000 cycles 
  • Qualified by 3rd party to ensure 30u” thickness golden finger and provide stable data transfer quality even when used in outdoor applications 
  • 100% inspection with customized criteria before shipment


Advantech provides reliable SQR memory solutions that address the boot up problems encountered in cold environments. Advantech SQR is the only vendor to undergo 6-months of pilot tests with zero defective units. Our reliable quality and service has satisfied this customer and opened the door for other customers. 

Why Advantech?

  1. Reliable product quality 
  2. 3-yrs longevity and stable supply 
  3. Customization services 
  4. Prompt and professional technical support