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DeviceOn Enhances SMRT's Operations with Remote Management and Swift Recovery


Project Introduction

Singapore's prominent public transport operator, SMRT, incorporated Advantech's industrial grade PCs, specifically the ARK-3510L-00A1E model, within selected bus terminals. To effectively manage and ensure uninterrupted operations, SMRT chose Advantech's DeviceOn—a device management software application—for remote monitoring and control of these industrial PCs deployed in critical locations.

Project Requirements

  • A remote management solution for rapid PC recovery during downtime scenarios 
  • Streamlined configuration, user-friendly operation, and easy maintenance to enhance efficiency 
  • Compatibility with Advantech industrial PCs 
  • Cloud-based deployment for convenient accessibility and management

Project Description

Singapore's Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (SMRT), operator of a vital public transportation system, sought a robust solution to manage their industrial grade PCs deployed at key bus terminals. The Advantech ARK-3510L-00A1E industrial PCs were chosen for their performance and reliability in supporting critical operations. Ensuring uninterrupted system functionality was of utmost importance. To meet this requirement, SMRT implemented Advantech's DeviceOn, a comprehensive device management software application.   

The primary challenge SMRT faced was the potential downtime due to various factors like power disruptions or maintenance activities that could interrupt power supply to their industrial PCs. Swift recovery and remote management were crucial to minimizing operational impact at the bus terminals. DeviceOn provided an effective solution by enabling remote power-on capabilities, thereby significantly reducing recovery time and operational disruptions. This remote management feature was particularly crucial during power-related incidents, enabling quick restoration of PCs without requiring specialized on-site personnel, saving both time and cost.   

DeviceOn also stood out due to its ease of deployment from both the cloud and on-site, along with its seamless integration with Advantech industrial PCs. The cloud-based deployment offered accessibility from anywhere, enabling efficient monitoring and management of the industrial PCs. This capability was vital for SMRT, ensuring they could manage their assets centrally, enhancing overall operational efficiency.   

The key features of DeviceOn provided and used at SMRT include device listing, remote screenshot capabilities, event logs, and Intel® Active Management Technology (iAMT). These features played a pivotal role in the effective monitoring and management of the Advantech industrial PCs. Device listing provided a comprehensive view of all devices, simplifying asset management. The remote screenshot feature allowed visual monitoring of the status of all PCs, aiding in diagnosing issues remotely. Event logs offered valuable historical data for analysis and operational optimization, while iAMT further enhanced remote management capabilities, contributing to overall efficiency.  

Product Specifications

  • DeviceOn Perpetual License
  • Deployed on Advantech ARK-3510L-00A1E 
  • DeviceOn Server hosted by SMRT

System Diagram


  • Reduced downtime, ensuring continuous operations 
  • Efficient resource management, minimizing onsite visits for maintenance 
  • Time and cost savings through remote recovery and management 
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and productivity 
  • Swift response to power-related incidents, ensuring uninterrupted services

Why Advantech 

Advantech's DeviceOn was the ideal choice for SMRT due to its cloud-based deployment, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration with Advantech industrial PCs. DeviceOn's capabilities aligned perfectly with SMRT's need for a reliable and user-friendly device management solution. It provided efficient remote management and swift recovery, ultimately optimizing operational efficiency