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Enhanced visibility display for outdoor parking payment kiosks


Industry:  Outdoor Payment Kiosks


Parking kiosks are self-service terminals designed for paying parking fees, obtaining tickets, and accessing information about available parking spaces. These systems integrate various components including barrier gates, automated payments, and ticket issuance into a single device, streamlining the parking process for both operators and users.


The payment machine features a touchscreen for easy operation and information display. However, when situated outdoors, such as near a street, at a shopping mall, or at a gas station, clear visibility of the screen becomes challenging due to high reflection from sunlight. This diminishes the convenience of the payment process at outdoor kiosks. A display solution that minimizes screen glare in outdoor settings would significantly enhance adoption and usage rates.


The Advantech IDK-2115 series device boasts a 15-inch screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio, offering a high brightness level of 1200 nits alongside an XGA 1024x768 resolution. With a high contrast ratio of 2500:1, it ensures a sharp and vivid display. The device supports LVDS input for seamless connection to the main computing board. Operating the backlight requires only 12V input power, and it delivers approximately 50,000 hours of reliable usage.

Improving visibility with high brightness

Advantech designed the IDK-2115 series with backlight brightness of 1200 nits specifically to ensure excellent visibility even in the brightest ambient light conditions. This high brightness enables clear visibility in extremely bright outdoor environments where excessive glare can render most screens unreadable. Compared to typical displays with backlight brightness of 500 nits or less, the IDK-2115’s 1200 nits ensures that screen images remain clear and readable even in the most challenging lighting conditions. The backlight unit incorporates a highly efficient LED light bar, consuming only 18.12W of power to achieve its high brightness level. Additionally, the device supports auto-dimming, automatically adjusting backlight brightness according to ambient lighting conditions to deliver the best viewing experience while maintaining optimal efficiency.

System Diagram

Parking Payment Kiosk