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OTA Updates and Container Management Reduces Smart Transportation Maintenance Costs by 50%


Project Introduction

Managing AI applications on edge devices can be difficult as the computers used tend to be distributed across wide areas. Maintenance can also be a challenge when deploying and maintaining edge AI devices on traffic poles across sprawling cities. Indeed it often requires a team of skilled technicians who can troubleshoot problems and perform routine maintenance. Smart transport system integrators often need to physically send engineers to traffic controllers at midnight where they climb poles — all just to reset a computer after an AI model update. 

Our Solution

DeviceOn is a cloud-based device management solution that can help smart transport system integrators deploy and manage license plate recognition systems in cities. Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) on vehicles is a common intelligent video analytics solution in smart city applications. Other common use cases include medical supply logistics, parking assistance systems, automated toll booths, and vehicle registration/identification in ports, and warehouse applications.   

 DeviceOn ensures the quick, precise, and organized deployment and management of numerous distributed devices. In addition, DeviceOn enables the monitoring, assessment, and update of these devices at any time. The CI/CD process of AI developers can be integrated with DeviceOn. AI users can receive an intuitive web interface to remotely schedule updates and check asset statuses.   

 DeviceOn is integrated with public Azure Container Registry and local harbor as a container repository. This simplifies container lifecycle management when building, storing, securing, scanning, replicating, and managing container images. The DeviceOn container management GUI enables developers to streamline AI development and deployment; and provides patch application images when creating containers.   

 DeviceOn is a comprehensive device management solution capable of monitoring important device health indicators in real-time on a single portal. It also supports the batch control of a group of distributed devices. It empowers device managers by supporting the fast creation and health management of containers. It also provides a variety of container restart strategies. User can use this dashboard to quickly understand the running status of containers in managed devices. 

Feature Highlights

DeviceOn offers a wide range of tools for software developers and users to command hardware.

  • Container management technology enables both scheduled and on-demand control at scale
  • Supports multiple sites and multi-user management 
  • Both in-band and out-of-band monitoring, control, and recovery
  • API and SDK for 3rd-party single-point operation integration