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Smarter, Safer Cities Enabled by Edge AI


The global artificial intelligence in manufacturing market is expected to reach USD 16.3 billion by 2027 according to MarketsandMarkets. AI has revolutionized industrial fields by making it much more efficient, productive and cost-effective. Advantech provides hardware and software integrated offerings to help customers accelerate their traffic management, public safety, and delivery robot  applications

Case 1-Autonomous Parcel Delivery Robots in an Urban Community in Singapore

Advancements in AI, sensor, and connectivity technologies have led to the maturation of service-oriented intelligent robots, enhancing the quality of daily life through applications such as security, logistics, and caregiving. In a community in Singapore, the integration of Advantech’s AIR-030 Edge AI Inference Systems into delivery robots has markedly improved the efficiency of parcel distribution by property managers in the community. This enhancement reduces the complexity of their tasks, allowing residents to conveniently order and receive parcels. As a result, the overall quality of life has been elevated.


 • Integration of multiple devices such as cameras, sensors, and wireless modules

 • Prevention of system failures due to overheating during high-performance tasks that impact battery lifespan


 Inference- AIR-030, Software- Edge AI SDK (runtime SDK)

Case 2-AI-Powered Surveillance System for Unmanned Gas Stations in Japan

According to the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy in Japan, the country has seen a significant decrease in the number of gas stations in the past twenty years, with over 40% closing down. This trend poses a significant challenge regarding gas station accessibility. Moreover, upkeep and maintenance of the existing fuel distribution infrastructure is both costly and laborintensive, often requiring trained personnel who are in short supply. This human resource shortage is compounded by Japan’s declining birthrate, population aging, and depopulation in rural areas, all of which will adversely affect the fuel distribution network’s efficiency. In light of these challenges, a leading Japanese gas station brand turned to Advantech’s cutting-edge AI and IoT innovations for a transformative solution to optimize its fuel distribution network.


• AI surveillance system to detect both vehicles and drivers in real-time, and to prevent abnormal operations

• Performs well in remote and outdoor environments

• Inference runtime environment setup and integration


Inference- AIR-030, OS- Ubuntu 20.04, SDK- Edge AI SDK (runtime SDK)

Case 3-Advancing Highway Safety in Japan with AI-Powered Traffic Surveillance

AI plays a crucial role in enhancing highway safety, mainly through advanced traffic monitoring and management systems. These AIpowered systems offer real-time analysis and can swiftly identify potential hazards, including accidents, cargo truck spills, and traffic violations. With capabilities in event detection and data collection, these systems provide a comprehensive security solution for enhancing surveillance accuracy. Additionally, AI contributes significantly to active traffic management by facilitating dynamic adjustments based on traffic conditions. In an effort to take a more proactive stance on highway safety, a leading Japanese industrial solution provider offered the latest AI-powered solution to upgrade the highway traffic surveillance and monitoring system.


• Constrained spaces, coupled with the need for uninterrupted 24/7/365 operation

• Difficulty ensuring systems are regularly maintained 

• Detection of multitudes of objects, conditions, and threats on motorways in real time


Inference- AIR-030, OS- Ubuntu 20.04

Case 4-Turkey Deploys AI-Assisted Traffic Surveillance and Analysis

Statistics show that most traffic jams at intersections make up 12%–55% of daily commute times. The complexity of traffic patterns further complicates the monitoring and dynamic tracking of vehicles. Globally, nations are actively adopting technology to build smart transportation systems that improve road services for commuters. In Turkey, ISSD has leveraged its expertise in smart traffic development and system integration to successfully implement real-time AI traffic monitoring solutions in over 750 intersections across cities including Bursa, Anara, and Istanbul.


• Intersection cameras are appropriately positioned at a specific height and distance, necessitating ultra-high resolution

• Superior image recognition and analytical capabilities


Inference- AIMB-286 industrial motherboard with EAI-3100 GPU card, Peripherals- SQF-SM8, SQR-SD4N, Software- Intel OpenVINO Toolkit