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sTLC Flash Super High Endurance SSD for 24/7 Factory Operation


Project Requirements

In a modern manufacturing environment, factory automation plays a crucial role in maintaining efficiency and productivity. Automated machines and systems operate continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to produce goods and services. These systems rely on large amounts of data, including sensor data, machine data, and production data, which need to be stored and processed in real time to ensure optimal performance and prevent downtime.

Project Description

Data storage and retrieval is critical in automated manufacturing environments. Data from sensors and other devices is used to control manufacturing processes and ensure product quality. This data must be reliable and quickly available. Previous SSDs used single-level cell (SLC) flash memory, which stored one bit of data in each cell. This provided fast read/write speeds and high durability, but it was at a really high price and at rather low density which could not adequately fulfill the high demand for data storage and processing. As a solution to this issue, SQFlash provides SSDs with sTLC (or so-called pseudo SLC) Flash technology which can utilize modern 3D TLC Flash and enhance durability to the SLC level. It accomplishes this feat at 50k and 100k program-erase cycles. It can process data at speeds sufficient to process the massive data generated at a 24/7 automated factory. SQFlash sTLC Flash storage is designed to withstand the rigors of continuous use, making it ideal for applications that require 24/7 operation. It provides the necessary performance and reliability to handle demanding workloads and ensure that content is always available when needed. It does this while offering speed and durability similar to that of SLC Flash storage while supporting larger data storage and processing throughput. 

Product Specifications

  • Flash storage up to 2TB (0 ~ 70℃ / -40 ~ 85℃) 
  • MODEL NAME: SQFlash SATA 840, 650 and NVMe PCIe 920, 720 sTLC Series 
  • 100% burn-in test on a production line before shipment 
  • SQFlash stress tested for 24hr: high-low burn-in test with 100% full loading criteria, and low-temperature boot-up test with 1000 cycles


  • Multiple temperature range selections: 0 ~ 70°C or -40 ~ 85°C 
  • Super high-endurance sTLC product provides up to 100k P/E cycle endurance 
  • AES-256 and TCG-OPAL compliant with comprehensive security 
  • Software tool support: SQF Manager integrating storage self-monitoring, performance monitoring, lifespan estimation, and diagnostics

Why Advantech

  • Reliable product quality 
  • 3-year longevity with stable supply 
  • Customization service 
  • Prompt and professional technical support team