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UUID-based Flash Lock enhances data security at battery SWAP stations


Project Introduction

In today’s world, carbon emissions have emerged as a major global concern. As a result, the demand for green transportation and the accompanying infrastructure is thriving and rapidly growing. A prime example is the success of electric scooters and battery swapping stations that provide a convenient, eco-friendly alternative to traditional gasoline-powered transportation.

Project Requirements

At the battery swapping stations, there is concern about the safety of critical user data being stored on the stations’ storage equipment.

  • Maintenance of data authentication by pairing the SSD drive with the authorized motherboard.
  • Protection of critical data such as the identity of users.

Project Description

To prevent unauthorized access to the data, SQFlash provides a sound security application on all SSDs. By enabling a unique identifier known as a universally unique identifier (UUID), SQFlash SSDs can establish a secure bond with the motherboard. This process ensures that only the authorized computer equipment can access and retrieve sensitive data. The bonding process using UUID involves generating a unique identifier for both the SSD and the motherboard. This identifier establishes a connection between the SSD and the motherboard, ensuring that the data on the SSD can only be accessed when paired with the authorized motherboard. In the absence of the UUID, any unauthorized attempts to access the data will result in denial of access, rendering the drive unusable. 

The UUID-based bonding function on TCG OPAL & AES 256 compliant SQFlash SSDs provides several advantages for battery swapping stations. Firstly, it ensures the safety and security of the critical data being stored on the SSD, preventing any unauthorized access or data leaks. Secondly, it minimizes the risk of hardware tampering by restricting SSD access to authorized motherboards only. Lastly, it enables the station to uphold regulatory compliance by maintaining strict control over sensitive data. Overall, the bonding function for SSD storage provides significant benefits, ensuring more secure and dependable data storage and access.

Product Specifications

  • All SQFlash series products have a UUID function that can be activated using the SQFlash Utility and SQGuard.
  • All BiCS5 SQFlash product series are security drives, complying with TCG OPAL & AES 256.
  • MODEL NAME: SQF-S25 840 sTLC SSD (-40 ~ 85 ℃) (SATA SSD - SQF 840 and 650 Series, NVMe SSD - SQF ER-1, 930, 920, and 720 Series) 
  • 100% burn-in test on the production line before shipment.
  • SQFlash stress test for 24hr; high-low burn-in test with 100% full loading; and low temperature boot-up test with 1000 cycles.

System Diagram


  • Available for multiple operating temperature ranges: 0 ~ 70 °C / -20 ~ 85 °C / -40 ~ 85 °C.
  • High-endurance sTLC product provides up to 100k P/E cycle endurance.
  • AES-256 and TCG-OPAL compliance, with comprehensive security functions like crypto erase, military erase and write protection that can be enabled by software and hardware.
  • Multiple software tools: SQFlash manager, SQErase, SQGuard, and more.

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