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Advantech Releases EPC-B5000 for Use in AI and Edge Computing


Taipei, Taiwan, April 2023 — Advantech, a leading provider of industrial computers, is proud to announce the release of the EPC-B5000 series of edge computers designed to upscale graphics AI and handle complex graphics workloads. Incorporating EPC-B5587 and EPC-B5505, this series supports diverse processors — from Intel Xeon® to Core™ — and features a mechanical housing capable of enduring 1Grms vibration while using a NVIDIA RTX level GPU card. By supporting a 10 GbE LAN port, multiple I/O, and a PSU with up to 1200W, the Advantech EPC-B5000 delivers excellent GPU-accelerated performance while adhering to safety protocols and EMC regulations. 

A Server-Grade Platform Drives Quick Digital Transformation

EPC-B5587 supports 10th Gen Intel® Xeon® W1290E CPUs to deliver a 31% increase in computing performance when compared to previous generation solutions. EPC-B5587 also leverages 10GbE LAN ports and PCIe x16 expansions for respective point-to-point data streaming and connection with NVIDIA RTX A6000 level GPU cards. EPC-B5587 also features 10 x USB 3.2 ports and M.2 NVMe interfaces to accelerate data flows between high-speed peripheral modules. Likewise, EPC-B5505 supports 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i processors for platforms requiring Windows 7 OS.

Robust Hardware Design Empowers Power-Hungry Graphics Computing

Both EPC-B5587 and EPC-B5505 feature a mechanical housing with a power supply unit (PSU) of up to 1200W. This configuration received an 80 PLUS® Gold efficiency certification that enables server-grade systems to integrate GPU cards with 600W consumption. In addition, EPC-B5000 series is capable of delivering uninterrupted operation when enduring 3Grms of vibration (5-500Hz), or 1Grms when carried NVIDIA RTX level GPU cards. This combination makes EPC-B5000 an ideal choice for emerging AI applications or in places that require precise, real-time 24/7 visual analytical workflows.

Innovative Hardware and Software for Safety, Security, and Reliability

Some models in this series comply with IEC-62368-1 safety protocols and feature mechanical housings capable of withstanding level-4 ESD discharges as defined by CE regulations. Indeed, the server-grade EPC-B5000 solution ensures network data protection via 6 x SATA SSD with RAID functionality. It also uses TPM 2.0 IC encryption technology for advanced data security. This combination of features makes members of the EPC-B5000 series uniquely robust, secure, and reliable.   

The EPC-B5000 series also features DeviceOn remote management software. DeviceOn enables hardware and software monitoring and helps spot problems before they occur. Indeed, OTA software and BIOS updates feature a backup recovery mechanism that reduces reliance on on-site technicians.

EPC-B5587 Key Features

  • Supports up to 4 x full height expansions, including PCIe x16 (Gen 3), 1 x PCIe x4, and 1 x PCIe x1 
  • 1 x M.2 M key, 4 x USB 3.2 (Gen2), 6 x USB 3.2 (Gen1), & 6 x SATA III 
  • Supports Quad LAN: 2 x GbE LAN, & 2 x 10GbE LAN (optional) 
  • Supports TPM 2.0 (optional)
  • Supports DeviceOn and Edge AI Suite

EPC-B5505 Key Features

  • Supports 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i processors for platforms requiring Windows 7 OS 
  • Supports up to 4 x full height expansions, including PCIe x16 (Gen 3), and 2 x PCIe x1 
  • Supports TPM 2.0 (optional) 
  • Supports DeviceOn and Edge AI Suite

The EPC-B5587 and EPC-B5505 edge computers are available for order now. Please contact Advantech to find out more. For more information on Advantech’s edge computers, visit our website.