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Advantech Participates in GTC 2022 — Demonstrating AI Technology in Agriculture, Healthcare, Robotics, and Transportation


Advantech, a leading industrial edge AI solution provider and integrator of NVIDIA solutions, is happy to announce its decision to speak at NVIDIA’s 2022 online GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2022).

Leveraging extensive experience developing AI edge systems with NVIDIA technology — including GPU cards, mobile PCI express modules (MXM), and Jetson systems on module —Advantech and its partners will deliver four sessions at GTC 2022. Indeed, Advantech plans to discuss case studies involving the latest agriculture, healthcare, robotic, and transportation technologies. Join GTC between March 21 & 24, 2022 to hear Advantech’s unique insights in a session entitled AI Revolutionizes Industry.

AI in Agriculture: AI Accelerated Poultry Management 

AI is making inroads into the agriculture industry. Indeed, automation and AI are enhancing food production and quality in an effort to alleviate the labor shortage. During the agriculture session, Advantech will introduce its partner Poultry Management Systems, Inc. (PMSI). PSMI helped an estimated 60 ~ 70% of the US egg market adopt AI automation in environmental/quality control, egg counting/dialysis, and size management. During the agriculture session, Advantech and PMSI will discuss industrial AI solutions capable of transforming animal husbandry.

AI in Healthcare: AI Transforms Medical Imaging Diagnostics

AI is enhancing medical imaging diagnostics with faster 3D rendering, image enhancements, and edge inferencing. Likewise, AI is transforming healthcare by overcoming some of the challenges presently facing practitioners. Indeed, from administrative workflow improvements and diagnosis support, to dosage error reduction and AI assisted surgery — AI has already helped improve healthcare practice and efficiency, and the lives of practitioners.

Advantech and our partner Orthogrid will outline two areas of improvement in medical imaging diagnostics during this session. These areas comprise AI Trauma and real-time imaging for open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF). We will also discuss successful AI formulas for next-generation ODM/DMS medical equipment.

This includes:

  • AI for next-generation medical equipment
  • Medical imaging predictions and diagnostic with AI for clinics, surgical robots, and postoperative care
  • A+ medical-grade quality control and manufacturing capabilities

AI in Robotics: AI Accelerated Robotics and Vision Equipment

Robotics applications are experiencing growing demand in many sectors. Congruously, the potential of AI to make traditional robotics programming more precise and efficient has increased its prominence in many industries. Advantech and Techman Robot, Inc., will explore the applications that can leverage AI robotics and vision equipment and the challenges associated their deployment in this session.

AI in Transportation: AIoT Enables Intelligent Transportation Safety and Efficiency

Safety and efficiency are essential urban transportation infrastructure attributes. By using video analytics, intelligent transportation systems can reduce costs, lower emissions, and improve road safety. In this session, Advantech and its partners — Omnieyes and the Institute for Information Industry will discuss trends in AI graphics computing technology and the intelligent transportation system solutions.

Register for GTC22 now, and join Advantech’s session AI Revolutionizes Industry from March 21 ~ 24, 2022.