The DPX-LED is an industrial grade 16-channel (single-wire) / 8-channel (SPI dual-wire) LED controller suitable for diverse applications.

  • Supports 16x single-wire channels or 8x SPI dual-wire LED channels, Up to 4096 LED’s total
  • User friendly ‘VibranceFX’ Application software Windows for pattern creation.
  • Pre-stored pattern sequence recall or realtime LED color setting AP
  • Drop-in Fadecandy replacement
  • Fully customizable pattern and sequence generation plus default patterns and sequences
  • Multiple independently running sequences with software API for real-time control, live adjustments and status feedback
  • Onboard storage for patterns and sequences
  • Long term reliability & availability
Customized LED sequences are easily developed using the ‘VibranceFX’ GUI Windows with a range of default patterns included. Sequences can be stored in on-board non-volatile memory and executed automatically, or manipulated in real-time from the host PC.