Advantech Launches the UPOS-211 All-in-One POS System for Diverse Retail and Hospitality Applications


Taipei, Taiwan, November 10, 2016 – Advantech, a leading industrial computing platform provider, is pleased to announce its UPOS-211 all-in-one, point-of-sale (POS) system with a dual-hinge stand and small footprint. The system’s compact design makes it suitable for installation on countertops with limited space. Powered by an Intel® Celeron® J1900/Core™ i processor, UPOS-211 delivers reliable high-performance computing and supports various operating systems. The true-flat touchscreen is equipped with PCAP touch functionality for maximum responsiveness and ease of operation. The IP65-rated front panel protects the system from damage due to water and dust. Meanwhile, the system supports flexible customization to enhance brand promotion and support diverse applications. Equipped with all these advantages, UPOS-211 provides an economical, energy efficient platform for the retail and hospitality industries.

Innovative System Delivers Powerful Performance

UPOS-211 is a compact and stylish POS system equipped with an Intel® Celeron® J1900/ Core™ i5 processor that supports Windows and Android operating systems to provide high-performance computing and reliable data processing. The system’s foldable stand features a dual hinge design that minimizes the overall size and can support 0 - 90˚ freestyle rotation to ensure a comfortable viewing angle. Moreover, the bezel-free 15” true-flat PCAP touchscreen (with optional 5-wire resistive touch) features an IP65-rated front panel that prevents the accumulation of food, oil, or dust from damaging the system components.

Flexible I/O Interfaces Provide High Expandability

Designed to serve as a multi-functional POS system, the UPOS-211 is equipped with dual I/O coastlines that offer high expandability to support the integration of additional peripherals for diverse retail and hospitality applications. With the inclusion of a cable cover, the system cables are routed through the POS stand to facilitate peripheral integration and efficient cable management. UPOS-211 also features easy access HHD and USB ports for convenient maintenance and quick upgrades to reduce system downtime.

Customizable Appearance for Enhancing Brand Promotion 

The stylish appearance and compact size of UPOS-211 make it suitable for installation in diverse retail and hospitality environments, especially on small countertops with limited space. Additionally, the UPOS-211 system can be customized to fit the existing décor or brand identity to assist customers with establishing a modern environment and increasing brand promotion and awareness. Finally, UPOS-211 supports various installation options, including desktop, stand (compact foldable design reduces shipping costs), wall, and VESA mounting, to satisfy diverse application requirements in the retail and hospitality industries. 

Considering the benefits described above, Advantech’s UPOS-211 provides a compact and flexible solution with diverse features that enables retailers, restaurant and hotel owners, and service staff to conveniently manage operations and promote business growth through improved customer service.

Key Features

  • Intel® Celeron® J1900/Core™ i processor with up to 8 GB of DDR3L/16 GB of DDR4 memory
  •  Compact system design with dual-hinge stand offers a small footprint for space-saving
  • Highly expandable I/O ensures flexible integration
  • Efficient cable management declutters countertops
  • System appearance can be customized to match existing décor and brand identity
  • Easy-access HDD and USB ports for convenient maintenance
  • IP65-rated front panel for protection from water and dust
  • Modular peripherals can be integrated into diverse applications
  • Supports Windows and Android operating systems

Advantech’s UPOS-211 all-in-one POS system will be available for order from now. For more information regarding UPOS-211 or other Advantech products and services, contact your local sales support or visit the company website at