Portable Health Clinics: A Mobile Solution for Improving Healthcare Delivery



Appropriate access to healthcare resources has always been a concern for many groups of people, but thatconcern has been highlighted and exacerbated by the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many primarycare clinics and specialists temporarily closed or offered telehealth and limited hours. Patients were alsocoping with regional shutdowns and fear of contracting the virus in emergency rooms or care centers.Others coped with job loss and loss of medical insurance, leaving fewer care options. With these rapidchanges in the healthcare landscape, the problem of access was even more apparent.

An important tool for combatting health access problems is the mobile health clinic. This type ofcare involves a group of clinicians setting up to provide care in a variety of disadvantaged areas andcircumstances.

Portable health clinics (PHC) have been revolutionized by technological advances, providing morechoices and types of healthcare to those suffering from chronic diseases and acute traumaticevents. In this paper we will explore the advanced technology available for Portable Health Clinics(PHCs), and how it is applied to diverse healthcare needs. When health outcomes are improved, ithas broad effects on population health, overall healthcare costs, and quality of life.