The Growth of All-in-One Computers in Retail, QSR, Public Spaces, Transportation and Factories


Learn how companies are using all-in-one computers in Retail, QSR, Public Spaces, Transportation, and Factory industries.

All-in-one computers are expected to grow significantly over the next five years as hardware solutions such as kiosks, continue to grow between 4.6% and 9% respectively. Businesses are seeing the value of these types of computers as they look to implement solutions to provide more support and efficiency. All-in-one (AiO) machines feature a compact, space-saving design which makes them ideal for use in various industries. They are great for environments with limited space that don’t allow for large, bulky hardware. Working with a small computer that can take on multiple tasks can be a great advantage for small and large businesses alike. The retail industry has noticed the benefits of replacing their older model PCs with an all-in-one unit, and now factories, QSR, and other public spaces are increasingly adding these technologies.