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Решения на базе RISC

Advantech's RISC offer system designers a more compact, flexible and feature-rich solution for a range of device designs and is especially suited for next-generation, ultra-compact applications in industrial control, portable device, home automation, medical device, HMI/kiosk, robotics and transportation segments. Advantech developed RISC ARM Computer-on-Modules and Single Board Computers, together with RISC Design Support Services that streamline the whole design and help customers rapidly dev

Advantech AIM-Linux Embedded Software Services

AIM-Linux Developer Center

An one-stop resource and documentation hub for Arm- and Linux-based developers to simplify development and deployment with longevity.

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AIM-Linux Community

An online platform for Arm- and Linux-based developers to connect with each other - and with Advantech - to share knowledge, solve problems and extend your capabilities with Advantech Arm-based products.

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Product Categories

  • Computer-on-Module

    Advantech RTX (RISC Technology eXtended) is the smaller RISC Computer-on-Module specification in the industry application, and it's ideal form factor for next generation compact embedded computer applications. The RTX form factor provides system developers and OEMs with a standardized, ultra compact yet highly integrated Computer-on-Module specification that can be utilized across multiple embedded PC, system and appliance designs. RISC COM platforms with TI and Free scale ARM Cortex based Sacs

    • Open Standard Module (OSM)

      Advantech's OSM, the SGeT standard for PCB soldering design with NXP platforms, boasts an ultra-low power, miniaturized design for AIoT endpoints.
    • RTX

      RTX is Advantech’s standard ruggedized Computers-on-Module. It features 4 x B2B connectors, 2.0 mm PCB thickness, and wide temp/voltage range.
    • QSeven

      Qseven with 230-pin MXM golden finger design facilitates high-speed I/O connection in handheld devices, HMI, and signage applications.
    • SMARC

      Advantech’s SMARC with NXP and Rockchip platforms use 314-pin MXM connectors to deliver high-performance & low-power features to the embedded market.
    • COM Express Type 7

      COM Express Type 7 with NXP platforms provides super speed I/O, high-bandwidth expansion interfaces, and 10 x GbE interface for data transmission.
  • Single Board Computer

    Advantech RISC Single Board Computers are designed with powerful RISC based SoC with the product advantage high performance, low power & wide working temperature to provide user a series of form factors for varied vertical applications.

    • 2.5" Single Board Computer (Pico-ITX)

      Arm-based 2.5" Pico-ITX delivers fanless AI and power-efficient platforms powered by MediaTek, NXP and Rockchip for edge AI and embedded applications.
    • UIO40-Express: I/O Expansion Boards

      Extra I/O expansion selection for the different applications to support diverse UIO40-Express 2.5” core boards
    • 3.5" Single Board Computer

      Advantech 3.5" Pico-ITX delivers fanless, power-efficient features powered by NXP, Qualcomm, Rockchip, and TI to edge AI and embedded applications.
    • Industrial Motherboards

      Advantech RISC-based Industrial Motherboard series powered by NXP and TI ARM, provides multi-integrated functions for easy implementation. Advantech offers a range of RISC solutions including RISC Modules, Single Board Computers (SBC), Industrial Motherbaords and Box Computers based on ARM cortex processor technologies. Together with RISC Design Support Services they streamline the whole design process and help customers rapidly develop their own innovations. For more information of Advantech R
  • RISC-based Box

     RISC-based Box

    • Edge AI Box

      Arm-based edge AI boxes are powered by NXP, NVIDIA and Rockchip. They provide AI inference capabilities in a low-power fanless design.
    • Edge Gateway

      Arm-based industrial gateways are based on NXP, Qualcomm, Rockchip, and TI, delivering LTE, 5G and Wi-Fi with wide operating temperature range.
  • Development Kit

    Advantech development kits includes a series of carrier boards and starter kits with schematic software & reference design to accelerate evaluation.

    • Development Board

      Development Board
    • RISC Evaluation Kit

      Off-the-shelf evaluation kit is designed with full technical document/environment for customer enhance the design path. As well as providing OS ready platform, Advantech provide an application-oriented support package to minimize development effort, and an evaluation kit to more efficiently development customer's target applications. Evaluation kit includes the following parts: • OS-ready RISC-based COM/SBC • LCD kit (LCD, Touchscreen, etc.). • Testing cables • Power adaptor and accesso