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Multi-node Server Boosts Secondary Storage Applications



Data-centric services and applications are booming in all domains. Both end-users and industrialists are seeking data services with larger capacities and higher performance. These services are intended for data storage and analysis, and are the basis of business models. The demands for these services has increased servers’ computing and storage performance requirements.

While storage is important—performance, reliability, and scalability remain critical considerations. Therefore, adopting expandable hyper-converged infrastructure and scale-out capabilities according to application needs is highly valued within this market. Likewise, hot-swappable field-replaceable units (FRU) and redundant designs, that ensure the continuous operation, are similarly essential trends in data service applications.

System Requirements and Description

Ensuring service quality and development flexibility is a priority for data service providers. These providers seek fast-deployment high-density server hardware systems that are easy-to-maintain. To enable high scalability for integrating unique software and maintain flexibility for future upgrades, these systems need to provide highly-efficient reliable services. Using redundant designs is an essential consideration when building a stable system. Therefore, the power supply, cooling fans, storage, and other important components require redundant functionality. Likewise, failover settings are essential. Current mainstream data service server architectures are combination of high-speed NVMe SSD and high-capacity HDD. This architecture balances capacity, performance, and cost.

Advantech SKY-9240C is a 2U4N rackmount multi-node server that supports four independent systems with individual boxes enabling multiple functions. The total configuration utilizes up to 8 x CPUs, 4 x PCIe cards, and 4 x OCP Mezz, to deliver excellent flexibility and scalability, while yielding a reduced total cost of ownership. SKY-9240C is designed for hyper-converged infrastructure and high-performance computing applications. This solution’s hot-swapping capability allows HDD/SSD tray, cooling fans, MB/Node sled, and power supplies to be replaced without an interruption in service.

To provide 24 hours of uninterrupted data service operation and improve reliability, SKY-9240C utilizes numerous redundant components including a redundant PSU and cooling fan (dual-rotor 8 cm/3.14 in). SKY-9240C is equipped with a self-developed dual/failover BIOS & BMC design. Advantech designed this BMC to furnish data service providers with unique functions that help manage the whole system. SKY-9240C  delivers the best customized tuning and meets the unique product needs of data service providers.

Key Features

  • High-density server (4 systems in a 2U box)
  • Hot-swappable and redundant design
  • Complete hardware and software R&D resources for carrier-grade BMC & customization
  • Extra U.2 NVMe SSD

Why Advantech

Advantech, a leading IPC provider with over 30 years of experience, boasts a comprehensive product line, expansive R&D capabilities, and an excellent global service team. These factors make Advantech an excellent partner for data service providers. Advantech offers L6 ~ L10 server manufacturing services and customized carrier-grade BMC/IPMI codes that fulfill a variety of demands. The DTOS & CTOS project offers our global customers seamless service.

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