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[How-to Article] Using 4G in Embedded Linux Systems in AIoT Applications



AIoT is the combination of AI and IoT, and presents new possibilities regarding the collection, analysis, and reaction to data. Indeed, AIoT could introduce smarter and faster decision-making capabilities and deliver benefits to diverse industries. 4G empowers AIoT to deliver its full potential, and may signal a new era of massive connectivity, revolutionizing how people live, work, and play. Analogously, keeping devices connected to the internet in such applications requires accesses to mobile network coverage. To this end, this article will present the configurations necessary to connect a device running Linux to the internet using a Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) link.

This article demonstrates the many network functionalities available to Linux systems. All that is needed to access to ppp0 network is the correct configuration. Please note that the programming method remains the similar regardless of the interface being used. The task of choosing the interface to use is made automatically by Linux depending on the routes. Using Linux in embedded systems is the best solution for those who require network connection in their projects and system flexibility. 

Check out our developer article to learn how to use 4G in Embedded Linux Systems. Or, join the conversation and discuss Arm-based computing solutions in our AIM-Linux Community.