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Advantech and Altizon for Sustainable, Digital Factory Operations

Accelerate Digital Transformation and Simplify Factory Modernization with Advantech + Altizon Solution

Industrial digital transformation focuses on improving efficiencies, safety and revenue through innovating and upgrading processes. It goes beyond simply improving production and also optimizes intelligent manufacturing procedures. As a result, digital transformation enhances operational efficiency, productivity and overall business performance.

Altizon, a global industrial IoT software provider, has partnered with Advantech to help modernize a wide range of factory operations including those in the food and beverage, manufacturing and automotive industries. Altizon’s Datonis Digital Factory provides a suite of ready-made applications to help manufacturers, equipment builders and systems integrators simplify the digitalization of critical aspects in operations, such as production, maintenance, quality, energy and sustainability.

The solution helps businesses who may be struggling with:

No real-time connectivity

to equipment and limited visibility into machine performance, such as uptime and downtime

No impactful business intelligence

or outcome prediction through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Resource constraints

Desire to modernize operations, but challenged by resource constraints and deployment downtime

Altizon’s Datonis Digital Factory platform is pre-validated and pre-installed on select Advantech hardware to ensure smooth deployment. The combination of Advantech devices and Altizon software offers significant value for organizations seeking to capitalize on digital factory benefits, but also with minimal financial investment and a swift path to modernization.

The Advantech-Altizon solution seamlessly connects with modern and legacy machines to help liberate data and establish visibility on the Datonis Digital Factory platform. Businesses can customize operation functionalities through Datonis’ user-friendly, self-service API capability. They can also quickly deploy apps across enterprises to track productivity, measure quality, efficiently maintain equipment, track consumables and utilities—all from a single platform. It helps to quickly modernize connected factory operations, asset performance and launch new offerings. Additional features include:

  • Secure data exchanges in real time
  • Edge device management from the cloud
  • Out-of-the box apps with rapid configuration capabilities
  • Standard set of reports and dashboards to accelerate business value realization
  • Data analysis at scale

The solution bundle includes the following Advantech intelligent hardware device options. The UNO-2271G-V2 is pre-certified with Microsoft Azure Edge and AWS IoT Greengrass for secure orchestration between cloud services and edge devices.

UNO-2271G-V2 Intel-based Edge Gateway

  • Microsoft Azure IoT Edge and Amazon AWS IoT Greengrass certified
  • Secure orchestration between cloud services and edge devices
  • Supports Win10, Ubuntu Classic and Ubuntu Core 20

ADAM-6717 Linux Intelligent I/O Gateway

  • Cloud/Database access
  • Range of I/O for comprehensive data acquisition functionality
  • Node-RED (graphic programming environment)