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Advantech Introduces Advanced AMR Controllers with Enhanced Image Processing and Noise Reduction Features


Taipei, June 4, 2024 - Advantech (TWSE: 2395), a global leader in Industrial IoT proudly introduces its latest AMR controllers: the AFE-R360 and AFE-R770. Addressing the challenge of rising labor costs and an aging population, companies worldwide are seeking innovative solutions to optimize resources and remain competitive, making automation more essential than ever. AFE-R360 supports both depth and visible camera solutions for AMR vision, while the AFE-R770 integrates IMU sensors and anti-noise solutions from design stage. Both products provide sensor integrated solutions, ensuring hardware compatibility and offering software application packages to ease sensor integration challenges.   These two products are specifically designed for AMR controller applications, offering a compact design and ample I/O ports for sensor data. The AFE-R360 features a 3.5" SBC, while the AFE-R770 is a compact system with dimensions of 215 x 200 x 55 mm. Both systems include multiple LAN and USB 3.2 ports for vision sensors and are equipped with 2 x CAN bus for battery and motor control. Additionally, they offer 4 x RS-232/422/485 ports for robotic sensors and support a wide power input range, making them adaptable to various charging configurations. Below are the main features of these two products.

AFE-R360: Bundled and Integrated MIPI-CSI/GMSL Image Sensors

For most AMRs, vision sensors are crucial as they enable robots to navigate without colliding with obstacles and adapt to environmental changes. The AFE-R360 supports up to 8 MIPI-CSI lanes for low-latency visible camera inputs, also equipped with 3x LAN ports and 3x USB-C ports for LiDAR, ToF, and depth cameras. With our custom-designed camera I/O card, the AFE-R360 can accommodate up to 4x MIPI-CSI or 4x GMSL cameras concurrently. These camera sensors enable AMR users to utilize real images and trained AI models for object detection, facilitating “autonomous” object recognition and spot reaction, instead of merely “automatic” object avoidance via depth sensors.   Developing MIPI-CSI drivers can be challenging, so Advantech has partnered with top-tier camera vendors e-con, Innodisk, and D3 to develop camera drivers on Intel platform. Through exchanging different professional skills, Advantech successfully enabled MIPI-CSI and GMSL camera and included all relevant toolkits in software package.

Latest Intel® Core™ Ultra Processor with Integrated GPU and NPU

To process high-resolution images and perform AI analysis, the AFE-R360 harnesses the latest Intel® Core™ Ultra Processor (Code Name: Meteor Lake). This hybrid core processor delivers 32 TOPs, and indicates 20% CPU performance improvement over its predecessor. It is also the first Intel CPU with a built-in NPU designed for AI, immersive graphics, and an optimal balance of battery life and performance. For users requiring higher AI performance to run more complex models, the AFE-R360 offers expansion options, such as M.2 Hailo module and USB4-interfaced MIOe-UMXM for additional NPU and GPU capabilities.

AFE-R770: Enhanced Design for Higher Stability Operation

The AFE-R770 is a system-based product powered by a 12th/13th/14th Gen Intel® Core™ i Desktop processor, with TDP up to 35W. Accompany with thermal dissipation design, the fanless system can sustain extended temperature ranging from -20~65°C, while with fan solution, the system can withstand temperatures from -20~ 70°C, both thermal solutions maintain an ultra-thin profile with 55mm height. The system also supports a wide voltage range of 9-36VDC to accommodate voltage fluctuation from different battery combinations. Additionally, Advantech has integrated anti-noise solutions into the AFE-R770. With 8kv/15kv ESD protection, the system’s crucial ICs are safeguarded against damage or interference from external ESD events. Considering that AMRs require to work 24-7 under unmanned conditions, AFE-R770 provides a comprehensive solution to ensure stable system operation.

Embedded Xsens IMU for Enhanced Precision Location

For sensor integration, the AFE-R770 focuses on movement sensing using the Movella Xsens Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). IMUs are crucial in autonomous robots, providing data on orientation, acceleration, and angular velocity to improve the accuracy of the AMR’s localization and navigation. By integrating the IMU at the AMR development phase, electromagnetic interference from electric circuits can be avoided, and calibrated parameters for the AFE-R770 can be obtained through the included software package. Co-developed by Movella and Advantech, the AFE-R770 is designed to deliver highly accurate movement and location information, enhancing AMR navigation in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Advantech Robotic Suite Streamlines Robot Development

The development process can often be lengthy and tedious for R&D teams. Advantech is dedicated to accelerating this journey by providing innovative solutions for AMR development teams. Our Robotic Suite is meticulously designed to bundle early-stage development essentials, including software and hardware compatibility tests, drivers, ROS environment setup, commonly used utilities, and AI tools. This software package enables customers to swiftly adjust and implement solutions for vehicle control, navigation, mapping (SLAM), scene simulation and pallet detection. By streamlining these critical development stages, Advantech empowers customers to quickly access compatible, ready-to-use utilities, saving time and resources in the development process, thereby reducing time-to-market.

Advantech’s AFE-R770 is currently available for order, and AFE-R360 will be available by 2024Q3. For more information regarding AFE-R360 and AFE-R770, please contact your local sales support team or visit our website at

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