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Board of Directors

As the highest policy and management body of the Company, Advantech's Board of Directors not only formulates regulations and measures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the powers entrusted by the shareholders' meeting, but also supervises each item of implementation results.

In addition to improving the corporate governance plan, the Board of Directors also prioritizes a range of tasks including the formulation of the Company's long-term development strategy, the shaping of its corporate culture, and the cultivation of high-level management talent. In order to effectively implement the aforementioned working objectives, the Board of Directors invites the head of each division in turn to attend regular meetings of the Board to conduct working reports. This not only helps the Board of Directors to have a deeper understanding of the Company's operating conditions; the directors are also able to ask immediate questions directed toward the supervisor of each unit, and receive responses on the spot to facilitate decision-making and the setup of projects; the Board then further hands over such projects to the CEO and to the President to track their implementation progress.

In addition to this, the Board of Directors has established an Audit Committee and a Remuneration Committee, allowing the Board of Directors a wider scope of coverage through a professional division of labor and diverse allocation of meeting times.

The Audit Committee is composed of independent directors who lead the Company's internal audits. The Audit Committee checks through audit regarding whether nine major cycles of the Company's daily operations (including finance, business, production, expensing, etc.) properly comply with the law and with the rules of corporate governance while preventing the occurrence of fraud. The Remuneration Committee focuses on the establishment of internal compensation as well as systems of rewards and penalties; at the same time, it formulates specific and feasible plans for high-level talent cultivation programs.

The Board of Directors desires to understand the Company and use a range of approaches to expand its participation in the Company's operations in the hope of implementing corporate governance and achieving Advantech's status as a model of corporate governance among Taiwanese companies.

In order to strengthen the effectiveness of corporate governance, the Company has formulated our Board Performance Evaluation Rules.

Before the end of each year, the current year's performance evaluation is carried out in accordance with the evaluation procedures stipulated in these Measures. For the annual board performance evaluation, please refer to the "Board of Directors Performance Evaluation Report" and the "Evaluation Certificate for Board of Directors Effectiveness."

Chairman K.C. Liu and Director Chaney Ho are the founders of Advantech, and they have led Advantech to become the world's largest industrial computer company.

Wesley Liu has industry knowledge and practical experience in intelligence(SI) city and smart retail system integration solution. Director Donald is the former President of 3M China Region and possesses leadership ability and an international market outlook.

Independent Director Jeff is a former global vice president and Asia Region president of Stanley Black & Decker; he possesses large-scale international enterprise management experience and an in-depth understanding of science and technology.

Independent Director Benson is Chairman of the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association; he possesses professional experience in corporate governance and deep familiarity with relevant law. Independent Director Chan-Jane Lin is a Professor in the Accounting Department of National Taiwan University, with expertise in academia covering finance, business, management, and other areas. The Company devotes attention to gender equality in the composition of our Board of Directors, and we established a female director in our 14th term Board to achieve a targeted proportion of 14%.

In order to improve supervisory responsibilities and to strengthen management mechanisms, and in further accordance with the provisions of Article 14 of the Securities and Exchange Act, the Company's Board of Directors has established an Audit Committee and a Remuneration Committee.

Directors are elected by the shareholders' meeting in accordance with the Procedures for Election of Directors. The qualifications and selection methods of independent directors are in compliance with the provisions of the Regulations Governing Appointment of Independent Directors and Compliance Matters for Public Companies. To ensure their independence, in the two years before the election and during their terms of office they are not to be a related person or operating personnel of the Company or its affiliates. The Company has formulated a Board Diversity Policy in our Corporate Governance Best-Practice Principles. In accordance with the Company's operating dynamics and development needs, we take into account gender balance, age, educational experience, independence, and other considerations when selecting and nominating members of the Board of Directors. All members of the Board of Directors have the professional knowledge, skills, practical experience, and moral standing required to perform their duties. Implementation of Board diversity among individual directors and succession planning of directors and key management is as follows:

List of Board members, Professional Expertise and Industry Experiences

KC Liu / Chairman
  1. Service Term: 3 years
  2. Founder of Advantech Co.,Ltd.
  3. Previous HP Taiwan Sales Engineer
  4. B.S. in Communication Engineering, National Chiao Tung University Biography
Chaney Ho / Director, Advantech Foundation Representative
  1. Service Term: 3 years
  2. President of Advantech Co.,Ltd.
  3. HP Taiwan Engineer and Manager
  4. Tatung Institute of Technology, Taiwan
Wesley.Liu / Director, K and M Investment Co., Ltd. Representative
  1. Service Term: 3 years
  2. Advantech Sales Manager of Service IoT AIntercom region
  3. Johns Hopkins University GMBA
Donald Chang / Director, AIDC Investment Corp. Representative
  1. Service Term: 3 years
  2. President, 3M China Region
  3. Vice President, 3M Southeast Asia Region
  4. Bachelor Chemical Engineering, Chinese Culture University
Jeff Chen / Independent Director
  1. Service Term: 3 years
  2. Stanley Black and Decker, VP & President of Asia
  3. EMBA,Northwestern University
Benson Liu / Independent Director
  1. Service Term: 3 years
  2. Chairman and President of Bristol-Myers Squibb (Taiwan) Ltd.
  3. Master, International Business Administration, University of Northrop, USA
Chan-Jane Lin / Independent Director
  1. Service Term: 3 years
  2. Department of Accounting National Taiwan University- Professor
  3. Ph.D in Accounting University of Maryland