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Advantech Launches AIR-500 Series NVIDIA-Certified Edge AI Servers


Taipei, June, 2024 - Advantech (2395. TW), a global leader in industrial IoT, is pleased to announce the launch of its new AI servers—the AIR-500 series. Built for graphics-intensive workloads and on-premises AI training, the AIR-500 series leverages up to four professional-grade NVIDIA RTX graphics cards, as well as powerful Intel and AMD processors, empowering data-driven computer vision and scientific AI applications in the industrial and medical fields. In addition to their powerful computing capabilities, AIR-500 series servers offer up to 100GbE Ethernet for mega-data processing, which is particularly beneficial for healthcare applications such as examination data mining. This series includes the AIR-510, AIR-520, and AIR-530. Each features desktop- or server-grade CPUs and definable GPU configurations to fit diverse AI applications. The Advantech AIR-510 and AIR-520 have successfully completed NVIDIA-Certified Systems testing using the NVIDIA RTX A5000 and RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPUs, respectively. AIR-520 and AIR-510 also integrate the Phison aiDAPTIV+ solution for LLM finetune training on premises, significantly reducing the barrier of adapting generative AI into enterprise settings and ensuring that sensitive data remains secure within the organization. 

As Taiwan’s first industrial PC provider to adopt NVIDIA AI Enterprise, a cloud-native software platform that streamlines the development and deployment of production-grade co-pilots and other generative AI applications, Advantech is offering customers significant benefits with the AIR-500 series AI servers. With Advantech and NVIDIA’s expert support services included with NVIDIA AI Enterprise, AI solution development can be accelerated to ensure efficient deployment of production-ready applications. Moreover, the AIR-500 series complies with IEC-62368 safety standards and provides up to 10 years of longevity.

Advantech’s Complete Line-up

AIR-510 Edge AI Inference Server 

The AIR-510 is powered by a 14th Gen Intel Processor and is NVIDIA-Certified with the RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPU, ensuring top-notch AI graphics. With two additional PCIe x4 slots and twelve USB ports available, it provides extensive connectivity for various peripherals, enhancing its versatility and functionality. 

AIR-520 Server-Grade Edge Server 

The AIR-520 is a powerhouse, driven by an AMD EPYC 7003 series server processor. It features four PCIe x16 slots, accommodating either four single-slot or two dual-slot graphics cards. It’s also NVIDIA-Certified with two RTX A5000 GPUs connected via NVIDIA NVLink. With all this computing power, it promises superior edge AI training performance. 

AIR-530 NVIDIA IGX Orin AI Server 

The AIR-530 is powered by the NVIDIA IGX Orin platform and integrates two 100GbE Ethernet QSFP28 ports for high-speed connectivity. With 10 years of long-term support on Enterprise OS and AI stacks, the AIR-530 is a robust choice for enterprises seeking long-term AI-powered solutions.

The AIR-500 series is available now. For more information, please contact a local sales team or visit the Advantech website.