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Competency in Advantech DTOS Service

Advantech Embedded Computing Group invests in developing vertically-driven, application-specific platforms and service-ready solutions for use in many situations. To meet special requirements, we set up a dedicated Design To Order Service team offering flexible and experienced design capabilities for industrial projects.

50-Day Design to Order Service

  • Early Planning

    At the early project stage, Advantech DTOS team maintains a close relationship with the customer to ensure a well planned and successful DTOS project.

  • Product Kick-off

    This is an important milestone for the DTOS project. From now on, the project is officially up and running, with confirmed specifications, targets, cost and schedule.

  • Product Design & Develop

    At the product design and prototyping stage, Advantech DTOS team delivers a 50-Day time-to-prototype sample to meet the customers' fast time-to-market requirements.

  • Sample Run

    At this sample trial production stage, the dedicated DTOS manufacturing team joins the project to carry out pilot run samples and preparation for mass production.

  • After Sales Service

    In this stage, we provide prototype samples for advanced verifications, such as functionality tests, compatibility tests, reliability tests, manufacturing feasibility tests and any other field tests on the customer side.

  • Product Delivery

Embedded Hardware

  • Various Form Factors of Board Level Products
  • Embedded System Solutions
  • Integrated Peripheral Modules
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Integrated Peripheral Modules Embedded Software

  • Embedded BIOS
  • Embedded OS
  • Embedded API
  • SUSIAccess
  • iManager
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