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Real-life-ready logistics AMR improves factory efficiency


Industry:  AMR & Logistics


Both warehouses and manufacturing stand to gain significant advantages from automation, particularly through the adoption of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The benefits extend beyond just the logistics sector; an increasing number of manufacturers are integrating AGVs and AMRs into their operations to enhance production efficiency while reducing accidents and decreasing reliance on human labor.


While certain pivotal technologies empowering robots are still only gradually becoming available, the applications of service-oriented AMRs are diverse. However, the varied architecture and functionality needed for each field application pose a challenge to overall development. Integrating AMR technology with touchscreen functionality offers a flexible yet powerful solution, ensuring ease of operation and providing efficient control of AMRs.


Advantech’s IDK-1107W provides a 7-inch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and 800x480 resolution, featuring integrated 10-point projective touch input. The display is fortified with a chemically strengthened 1.1mm-thick glass cover to prevent vandalism. Equipped with IPS display technology, it ensures optimal viewing performance from various angles (89/89/89/89 for top/down/left/ right). Furthermore, connecting to the single-board computer via the LVDS interface is straightforward. With a low power consumption of 2.48W, it offers considerable energy savings over time, alleviating concerns about heavy power usage of an AMR system.

Projected capacitive touch offers quick response

Integrating a projective capacitive touchscreen offers ultra-quick response and user-friendly operation, making it highly advantageous. This technology remains highly functional even when users are wearing gloves, thanks to the customized and finely-tuned touch firmware tailored for factory working environments. Connecting via the USB interface on the computer board is simple, and when using Windows OS (Win7 or later versions), there’s no need for touch drivers.

System Diagram