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Advantech Launches MIC-732 Series, Embedded with NVIDIA Nova Orin, to Accelerate AI Autonomous Mobile Robots Market


Advantech, a leading provider of industrial edge AI solutions, is excited to announce the release of the MIC-732-AO and MIC-732D-AO, which together form an all-in-one autonomous mobile robot (AMR) AI system and developer kit embedded with NVIDIA Nova Orin.

According to estimates from ABI Research, AMRs will have a significant impact on the logistics market across various industries. By 2030, the logistics market value is projected to reach $46 billion. With the Advantech MIC-732 series, AI developers can seamlessly build AMR solutions without the need to separate AI vision, robotics controllers, and communication systems, thus enabling a direct upgrade from automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to AMRs. The MIC-732 series accelerates the time to market for AMR solutions and reduces development costs.

NVIDIA Nova Orin: An Integrated Software and Hardware AMR Solution

NVIDIA Nova Orin integrates all AMR-oriented components into a single system, including the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, 2x 2D LiDARs, 1x 3D LiDAR, 4x fisheye cameras, 4x stereo cameras, controllers, and communication. Beyond hardware integration, the NVIDIA Isaac robotics platform supports. With NVIDIA Nova Orin, developers only need to use one platform to build AMR solutions. 

Advantech's MIC-732 Series Is Tailored to Address AMR Challenges

The MIC-732-AO is a fanless system embedded with NVIDIA  Nova Orin, supporting AI performance of up to 275 TOPs and unprecedented processing power. Equipped with 8 GMSL cameras, the system enables robots to achieve 360-degree vision, crucial for real-time situational awareness and decision-making. Additionally, the MIC-732-AO integrates with 3D LiDAR for precise depth perception, facilitating navigation in complex environments. Complemented by 2D LiDAR, it captures fine details on surfaces to enhance sensing capabilities. With a modular design and various I/O options, including 10G LAN, CANBus, IMU, and wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE, and 5G, the MIC-732-AO offers enhanced scalability and flexibility.

The MIC-732D-AO serves as the developer kit that is compatible with NVIDIA Nova Orin. An open-frame, fan-based system, it shares the same I/O design as the MIC-732-AO. This similarity allows developers to enjoy greater flexibility in crafting their thermal solutions and applications.

MIC-732-AO, AI Inference System Based on NVIDIA Nova Orin  

MIC-732D-AO, AI Developer Kit Based on NVIDIA Nova Orin  

The Advantech MIC-732 series is designed for AMR applications, targeting routine, human-power-intensive tasks in fields such as smart warehousing, precision agriculture, retail maintenance, high-efficiency manufacturing, and logistics. The Advantech MIC-732 series is now ready for sampling. For more information, please visit Advantech’s website, or join register Advantech Computex AI Meetup and NVIDIA at Computex