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Advantech Releases SQRAM DDR5 5600 Memory with Unprecedented Speed at 48GB Capacity


Taipei, Taiwan, August 2023 — Advantech (2395.TW), a global leader in embedded computing, is pleased to announce the release of the SQRAM DDR5 5600 series industrial-grade DDR5 memory. This series is poised to revolutionize the landscape of computer memory, bringing unprecedented speed up to 5600 MT/s. With its lightning fast speed and bandwidth capability from 8GB to 48GB and beyond, the SQRAM 5600 series delivers astounding data transfer rates that far surpass the industrial benchmark. In addition, it has undergone strict laboratory testing to ensure reliability in mission-critical applications, supporting a -40 to 95 °C operating temperature range. These features make the SQRAM DDR5 5600 series an excellent choice for multi-tasking and data-intensive systems, such as Advanced Medical Imaging Inspection, AI and Machine Learning, and Edge Server systems.

Unparalleled 5600 MT/s Speed with Pioneering 24GB & 48GB Capacities  

The pursuit of faster and more efficient performance, coupled with high speed and capacity remains a top priority for most industrial applications. The SQRAM DDR5 5600 series provides 5600MT/s of performance adopting 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors. Furthermore, read/write speed has increased by 20% from 4800MT/s as tested by AIDA64 Memory Benchmark v6.70. The memory architecture has bandwidth improvement of nearly 50% over DDR4 with increased efficiency as core-counts per CPU continue to expand, helping relieve the bandwidth-per-processor-core crunch. Additionally, the new DDR5-5600 DIMMs feature 24GB and 48GB capacities, and are built with 3Gbx8 ICs (an upgrade over the earlier 2Gbx8 ICs) to offer larger capacity and increased cost efficiency to run multiple applications simultaneously without worrying about exhausting memory resources.

Wide Operating Temperature Range & Customized Service for Rugged Environments

Due to the diverse range of environments and applications in which electronic devices operate, wide temperature DRAM is necessary for critical applications operating in challenging environments. SQRAM DDR5 5600 supports a -40~95 °C operating temperature range. The wide temperature solution ensures that the DDR5 5600 is suitable for outdoor installations, where extreme temperatures can be a challenge for conventional memory solutions. Additionally, SQRAM can provide other benefits such as Anti-Sulfuration, Side Fill, Conformal Coating, and SPD Write Protection for challenging environments to ensure product reliability, stability, and durability.  

Exclusive Temperature Monitoring Software SQRAM Manager & DeviceOn

Advantech SQRAM comes with its own software, SQRAM Manager & DeviceOn to monitor DRAM in real time, providing useful information including dynamic memory speed, temperature, and an advanced overheating alert to inform the user of the operational health status of the memory system. To maintain system performance stability, Advantech’s exclusive software flexibly supports Cloud Remote Control mode and On-Premise versions on each device, which can be downloaded from the Advantech website.

Advantech’s SQRAM DDR5 5600 Series

Key Features

  • Superior Speed: 5600MT/s l   Available Capacities: 8/16/24/32/48/64/128GB
  • Compatible with 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 ~ 95 °C (Tc) / -40 ~ 95 °C (Tc) 
  • 1.1V low voltage for lower power consumption and higher power efficiency 
  • 30µ” Gold Finger interfaces for enhanced longevity l   Original high-quality chip adoption (Micron, Samsung, Hynix) 
  • SQRAM software – Real-Time Monitoring / Overheat Alert Function
  • Anti-Sulfuration / Side Fill / Conformal coating / SPD write protection for customized service l   Lifetime warranty

The Advantech SQRAM DDR5 5600 series is currently undergoing server test programs. An early customer sample is ready in August 2023. Advantech SQRAM DDR5 5600 will be launched in Q4 of 2023. For more information, please contact your local sales office or visit the SQRAM website: