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【Phase In】AQD DDR5 5600 Memory module


IS&D is pleased to announce the phasing in of following AQD DDR5 5600 Memory.


  • Original Samsung IC adopted
  • Capacity : 8/16/32 GB
  • Industrial Design for Improved Reliability
  • PCB: 30μ gold finger
  • Anti-sulfuration
  • On-Die ECC

Phase-in Products:

  • AQD-D5V8GN56-SC / 8GB DDR5-5600 1GX16 1.1V SAM 
  • AQD-D5V16GN56-SB / 16GB DDR5-5600 2GX8 1.1V SAM 
  • AQD-D5V32GN56-SB / 32GB DDR5-5600 2GX8 1.1V SAM 
  • AQD-SD5V8GN56-SC / 8GB SO-DDR5-5600 1GX16 1.1V SAM 
  • AQD-SD5V16GN56-SB / 16GB SO-DDR5-5600 2GX8 1.1V SAM 
  • AQD-SD5V32GN56-SB / 32GB SO-DDR5-5600 2GX8 1.1V SAM 
  • AQD-D5V16GR56-SB / 16GB R-DDR5 5600 R-Dimm 2GX8 1.1V SAM 
  • AQD-D5V32GR56-SB / 32GB R-DDR5 5600 R-Dimm 2GX8 1.1V SAM 
  • AQD-D5V16GE56-SB / 16GB ECC DDR5-5600 2GX8 1.1V SAM 
  • AQD-D5V32GE56-SB / 32GB ECC DDR5-5600 2GX8 1.1V SAM 
  • AQD-SD5V16GE56-SB / 16GB ECC SO-DDR5-5600 2GX8 1.1V SAM 
  • AQD-SD5V32GE56-SB / 32GB ECC SO-DDR5-5600 2GX8 1.1V SAM

*Should you have any question regarding products, please contact Advantech sales representative for purchasing information