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Empowering Efficiency and Security: The New SQ Manager 2.0


Taipei, Taiwan, April 11 2024 — Advantech, a leading provider of industrial Flash and Memory storage solutions, is pleased to announce the release of their new SQ Manager 2.0 software. This software seamlessly integrates SSD, DRAM, and system monitoring and security functions, enabling effortless control and management of your computer, storage, and memory through a user-friendly interface.

Enhancing Data Security and Performance with SQ Manager 2.0 

SQ Manager 2.0 offers powerful features to enhance data security and boost performance of SQFlash drives. With Write Protection and Crypto Erase functions, users can safeguard their data from unauthorized changes or recovery attempts. Write Protection ensures that critical settings and operational parameters remain immutable within the SQFlash, while Crypto Erase, utilizing AES key encryption, swiftly and thoroughly purges confidential data, preventing any potential unauthorized recovery.

Insightful Monitoring and Control with SQ Manager 2.0

Within SQ Manager 2.0, you’ll find the SSD Performance Test Application and DRAM SPD Table, providing invaluable insights into the processing abilities of SQFlash and SQRAM. Furthermore, temperature alarms for SSD and DRAM components enable real-time monitoring, allowing users to promptly respond when operating conditions reach extremes. Integrated system information is available for users to gain a comprehensive overview, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Efficient Power Management with SQGreen Technology

In today’s landscape where energy efficiency is of growing importance, SQGreen technology plays a pivotal role in optimizing power utilization for PCIe Gen3 760 Series SSDs. This intelligent power management solution ensures optimal performance while minimizing energy consumption and heat generation. By leveraging SQGreen, users can achieve a perfect balance between speed and power consumption. 

The shift from SATA to a PCI interface for SSD not only brings speed increases of many multiples, but SQFlash also reduces the gaining of power usage and heat generation. By making decisions that prioritize both performance and environmental impact, we can employ smart technology to maintain a clean and sustainable environment for the future.

Key Features

  • Write Protection and Crypto Erase
    Write Protection and Crypto Erase functions protect the SQFlash from unauthorized modifications and ensure that deleted data cannot be recovered.
  • SSD Performance Test and DRAM SPD Monitor
    The SSD Performance Test Application and DRAM SPD Table shows the processing speed of your SQFlash and SQRAM.
  • Temperature Alarms: SMART and System Information Integrated
    SQ Manager monitors SSD and DRAM in real time with a temperature alarm. SMART attributes and system information are also integrated into a one-page overview. 
  • SQGreen has smart power control of the PCIe Gen3 760 Series
    SQGreen on SQF 760 provides three levels of performance and power control through clock settings. 
  • SQAnalyzer Distributes Data Usage Behavior
    SQAnalyzer offers an overview of your data usage. 
  • Endurance Estimate Program
    The Endurance Estimate Program provides a remaining lifetime estimate of your SSD. 
  • SQLogs of abnormal SSD events
    The SQLogs feature can serve as evidence for issue diagnosis and analysis. This feature is leveraged by the SQFlash SATA 660 and PCIe 760 SSD series.

Elevate your storage, memory, and computer management with the latest SQ Manager 2.0. Download now to experience robust control and optimization.   Keep pace with the latest SQFlash product releases by visiting Advantech Industrial Flash & Memory Solutions and IoT SSD & Memory Software Solutions